New Hard Trib matches series

posted by Yarrtyf67 | 2012-12-30 04:35:22

Let me say first that I love the current videos and the whole site, the matches are great and the girls are full of passion, natural and beautiful.

Other than the current Erotic Wrestling and Trib Matches series, I would like to propose and idea for a third "Hard Trib Erotic Matches" series.

Matches that haves some more hard action (other than the classic matches already haves) like the girls inserting their fingers deep in their pussies, ass-licking and deep kissing. (always if the girls are willing to)

Personally I would love to see some fingering penetration action (that's the only thing I personally miss even if not too much), it could be a nice idea for a new Hard Matches Series, keeping always the trib as the main element but adding some more action, like the girl on top inserting her fingers deep into the other's pussy trying to make her come while blocking her and maybe the other one licking the top's pussy t make her come first or break free.
I would love to see a match like this with Monique and Chrissie, or Luna and Monique.

Probably this idea goes a little beyond the classic matches, but personally I think that as a separated series could be an interesting add-on.

Let me close with one more thing: Congratulations to all the beautiful girls, congratulations for the videos and congratulation for the fantastic site!

2013-01-02 08:45:08
Interesting ideas, I am also a fan of fingering and ass licking. It would be great to see this happen, but as you stated it all depends on the girls. I think I remember that at the former site there was a kind of "golden rule" that allowed no insertion. I am not sure if this rule is still active.

2013-01-02 21:39:09
I just downloaded the latest video (TD 92 Monique vs Luna) and it was The Best I've ever saw here with the previous one (TD 91)!
Like in most of the videos with Monique, Luna or Chrissie there was a point were I was expecting at any moment to see one of the girls shove their fingers deep into the opponent's pussy and make here cum right there.
The actual videos aren't so far from there so I think that it would be no problem taking it a little step further.

I remember the golden rule in the former website, but personally I think that most of the video here are much much intense, harder and wild than the old ones.
And that's also why I wrote "separated series", this could be a special kind of matches were fingering penetration, ass licking and a harder oral sex could be allowed… personally I think that it could be fantastic to see.

Of course it depends by the girls, but I really hope to see this happens!
In fact I even remember Luna (in one of the latest videos on the former website) saying in the end interview that she was "dying to do things to her opponent that she wasn't allowed to do on that website"… and as I already wrote, I would love to see that, this website is already N1 and it would fly even over for me.

2013-01-03 09:00:59
I completely agree with you. And thanks for mentioning Luna vs Monique, this really is a tough and interesting fight.
Two dommes both also with a submissive side fighting for supremacy.

2013-01-03 21:31:56
Yeah... let's hope this will happen soon and see these new hard matches!

You are welcome! Yes it was a great match... as also I would love to see Luna vs Pamela and/or Monique vs. Sonia together in a Oil "Fingering" Match.

(I don't remember now if they already had matches together...)

2013-01-04 01:00:06
Sounds like a great idea to me! I like if the intensity got notched up with your suggestions. But please don't forget the trib!

2013-01-04 01:01:48
@Yarrtyf67, could you please tell if the td92 (monique vs luna) was competitive?

@slarti, what do you mean with "a submissive side fighting for supremacy"? Something like that they perhaps take it when being attacked, but after a "beating" get back into assertive atticking mode?

2013-01-04 01:39:18
@sffan4e of course the trib must be kept as the main action for me too, but I think that if you add finger penetration and ass licking the matches can become even more competitive!

Try to imagine a match were one girl locks the other, then she inserts two fingers deep inside the "blocked" one's pussy and masturbates her without stopping trying to make her cum right there, while the other one has to fight triple to get herself free, fight to resist not cum from the relentless finger fucking and keep fighting after getting free (maybe even getting free before cumming so the excitement will be another obstacle to fight).

I would really love to see this in a Match between Monique and Luna in a oil match.
For me it should be always a "trib centric" (fully naked) match with hard finger fucking, and with hard I mean the girls inserting two fingers in the other's pussy and fuck hard & fast to make the opponent cum and/or deep and slow to tease. All this also with oral sex, slapping and hair pulling as it's already happening in the other matches.

This could make the matches even more competitive and about the TD92 Match was great and a lot competitive, is the best match for me so far with TD91 and believe me: in certain moments I was really expecting to se one of the girls insert her fingers deep in the other's pussy… it was full of passion.

That's why I love this website: beautiful girls (and they really are the stars, heart and passion of everything… everyone of them), great competitive matches, lots of passion, fantastic trib and true action!

If Finger Penetration will be added to these matches, then it will be so great that it will be impossible to do better, that's why I hope they'll do it in the next matches.

Sorry of the long answer, but I really love this website (even more than the former one) so please: think about starting this new Hard Trib matches series and I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one :-)

2013-01-04 07:33:27
@sffan4e: I see both girls (Luna and Monique) as dominant persons, but they also showed some submissive behavior when meeting a better woman. Both seemed to enjoy a good domination (especially Luna).

2013-01-04 21:29:27
Good News! Looks like next week match will be a "Hard Trib Match" (as it was described in the topic titled "Marek") between Luna and Pamela.

Now I don't know if this match will already include Finger Penetration Masturbation and Ass Licking, but let's hope it will!

This would be a huge improvement of me, I can't wait to see this wonderful match.

2013-01-05 02:07:24
I too think it's time the "fingering" threshold is broken in the wild sexfights. Not every match, trib should remain trib, but for the more aggressive, intense type matches, I believe it would only be natural. Not for every woman here either, but I'm sure they are many that would "welcum" it with open legs!

2013-01-05 03:51:24
Ah blast! I was about to download Monique vs Luna... now having doubts... should I wait?

Wish they had a flatrate, because 90% of there stuff I bought till now was pretty nice.

2013-01-05 03:56:22
@slarti, thx for your input. Decided to take the risk. Both indeed look pretty competitive in this match. Although, there was a moment in the trailer where Luna enjoyed taking it, and I had big doubts. Like she was in a total submissive mode again.

@Yarrtyf67, thanks for your reply as well. And indeed, I like varation too. Although trib is nice as the main dish, variation makes it taste better ;-)

2013-01-05 04:04:34
I definitely would recommend the latest Luna vs Monique match! Just watched it earlier and enjoyed it a lot! Much more of a fight, and I believe we have similar taste when it comes to Luna and this one hit the mark for me. This match managed to be both back and forth and extremely sexual. Much more of a "sexfight" than their previous encounter which was more dominant vs submissive.

2013-01-05 04:09:16
Thank you for your helpfull insights. Less than 3 minutes remaining. Wish I had a faster internet connection. ;-)
That's great to hear. I like the back&forth, give&take, competitive sexfights.

I guess Anastasia and Luna would be into a hard sexfight as well. There 2 fights here were pretty intense. And I got the impression that they would mind not to only spit into eachothers faces, but also into eachothers pussy and give a great oral and some heavy fingering sessions...

2013-01-05 04:24:19
@tribber69 yes I agree with your words.
Trib should always be the main element, but in some some of the latest matches (all the ones with Luna or Monique) were just a micro-step away to break that threshold.

I was really expecting to see finger penetration at any moment and looking at the "sexual fury/excitement" during the fight of the girls, Luna being always n1.

And I was expecting the really hard heavy kind with two fingers shove deep and fast fucking to make the opponent cum right there with no mercy or even bringing her to the edge and then start back with a slow trib to tease and finishing with a faster trib.

As I wrote before I remember that interview with Luna, I would really love to see a Hard Trib Match with her.

@sffan4e you'll love that match! Is the best one so far for me, @tribber69 already said everything and I don't want to ruin you the surprise. as you said the only thing missing is heavy finger fucking, oral action is already there!

Enjoy the video.

I really can't wait for next week's video to be online! Let's cross our fingers hoping to see Luna and Pamela in some great heavy finger fucking action.

2013-01-05 04:25:58
I probably would have downloaded but I was glad for the helpful insight of others here, which helped convince me. Thoroughly pleased as this was the closest I've ever seen here(or the old site) to a true sexfight! Want to see more of this type match now(with the above mentioned fingering). I imagine Anastasia being a perfect fit for this style. And would love to see Nina fingered into submission!!!

2013-01-05 04:29:49
@tribber69 Nina vs Luna, Nina vs. Monique or Nina vs. Anastasia in a hard trib match in oil with deep and fast finger fucking: you just read into my mind and that would be fantastic!

2013-01-05 04:30:41
oh and @tribber69 you are welcome!

2013-01-05 04:33:39
I can picture Monique or Pamela now holding Nina down and fingering her into one of her legendary screaming orgasms now!!! And with all this oral/heat/fingering talk...where is Petra!?! She is primed for this type of action!

2013-01-05 04:38:14
Yeah and what about Lucille?

Can you imagine a match with Lucille vs Luna or Monique in oil while they finger fuck each others bringing the submissive (I cannot imagine which would be) right to the edge of orgasm and then tease her slowly with trib?

Then jump back and finish her with oral or other finger fucking action… also with Nina would be great!

2013-01-05 04:42:46
I love Lucille...but fear she walked away from trib for good a few years ago. Not sure if she will return but would welcome her with open arms(and wallet)! Would love to see her with some of the new class of women...and of course, loved her riské feud with her sister Pamela

2013-01-05 04:48:27
@tribber69 if there was a "thumb up" button then I would be your N1 fan! :-)

Yeah Lucille was incredible, impossible to describe with words, but actually my heart belongs to Monique and Luna. (even if all the girls are really beautiful, natural and gorgeous)

By the way another scenario I'm trying to picture now is Nina and Luna in the Shower with water running while Luna tribs on Nina's leg with two fingers fucking fast and furious her pussy bringing her to a screaming orgasm!

The match TD17 with Luna and Monique was really close to this, with finger fucking it could be so exciting that could burn my monitor!

2013-01-05 06:03:45
Lucille and Nina had very special chemistry. :) Not to mention being the "Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson" of Tribgirls. There epic 3rd match of their trilogy I've been told was so hot, it even had the camerawoman on the verge of cumming! I would welcome a reunion of those two trib queens with the most open of arms! And dying to see Lucille try and regain her crown from the all time queen: Denise

2013-01-05 06:08:49
Oh yeah how I could forget Denise?

She is wonderful, I would love to see another match with Pamela (both outdoor and in oil) with her fingers inside Denise's pussy!

I remember another great outdoor match with Luna vs Denise starting with Denise masturbating and Luna coming from behind.

That match included also a hot shower scene with a wet trib, I would love to see that again always with Finger Fucking.

2013-01-05 06:15:56
I think a fingering element may be an equalizing factor in Denise's dominance over the years...or it may even make her all the more dominant/lethal?!?!

2013-01-05 06:23:30
For me it depends: in a match vs Pamela I don't know how it could end, same versus Luna (maybe here my mind is flying away but with Luna I could expect really loud and screaming orgasms and even a squirting one)

But Denise + Finger Fucking = Lethal Trib Fighter ;-)

2013-01-05 06:26:42
I think you're right...the combo of Denise's strength and "control" and self-control, I feel many of the Tribwomen would be squealing at her hands as she held them down and finished them off mercilessly!

2013-01-05 06:30:44
Yes, I really cannot imagine who could beat her in a Hard Trib Match!

Juices would flow like a waterfall and she has a very winning strategy so she would do it both hard and fast and slowly to tease.

Her fingers could be just the beginning!

2013-01-05 06:34:35
Oh man! With that element...I think even Lucille would think twice in trying to step in against her ever again and think she(Lucille) has a chance! Pamela though has the "goods" I feel to have taken on Denise and was "peaking" just as the old site shut down and they never got to battle each other for the thrown.

2013-01-05 06:40:16
And a Denise vs. Petra?

I think that we could lose ourselves following the action of furious trib, deep finger fucking and oral.

A match like that would make the world explode!

Same with Lucille but really I don't know how it could end that one too.

Pamela could be able for me giving her a hard time, but with Luna or Nina would be even better!

Would be a really hard match, with Denise always with her fingers fucking and giving more orgasms.

2013-01-05 06:42:23
And I'm pretty sure that Monique could be a tough one to beat for Denise.

Another furious match were I would expect screaming orgasms and a very fast finger fucking action.

2013-01-05 07:08:11
Monique is another powerhouse! If she would have had a chance to blossom on the old site, she would have made a push towards the top. IMHO Currently, I see her and Pamela battling for top honors here.

2013-01-05 07:12:36
@tribber69: At the moment, I also see these two on top for the hard matches. Anastasia could be part of this group, too.
Good dominas (but softer) are Chrissie, Sonia, Eva (she made Antonia lick her), Anastasia , Zamira and maybe Sandra. Not to forget Nina.

2013-01-05 07:18:58
I really miss Nina a lot too!
I would love to see her vs Monique.

2013-01-05 07:20:08
Yeah, Nina is hot.
I forgot Donna. And the new Andy might be a great talend

2013-01-05 07:23:42
And lets not forget far the most passionate woman on woman competitor I've seen. Her fingered unleashed could turn any woman!

2013-01-05 07:24:29
Donna vs Nina in a finger fucking trib match would be pretty explosive too!

Let's hope all this will start happening soon.

2013-01-05 07:24:47
Right, but I am afraid Elisa has gone.

2013-01-05 07:27:46
@slarti....that would be a shame, as I feel she had was the most intune with other women. I've never seen anyone enjoy another woman's orgasm as much as her

2013-01-05 07:29:58
Yes it is, but I am quite sure since I wanted to book her for a match some time ago. But you never know, maybe she's back, just ask Marek.
Elisa was extremely good.

2013-01-05 08:42:42
@slarti let's hope to see her back! The match vs Monique was great and is the same for that one too: missing only some good finger fucking.

@tribber69 also Renata B would be great to see again!
She was another one full of passion and with the new fingering element she could really explode! Her orgasms were very strong and hard.

2013-01-05 09:20:56
In the meantime I can't stop thinking that next week we'll probably see a Hard Trib Match with some good Finger Fucking with Luna vs. Pamela.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I really can't wait for this to happen!

2013-01-05 20:24:20
Just thinking about other two great matches of the latest ones:

Luna vs Jane and Mel vs Zamira.

About the first one I would have loved to see Luna fingered really deep and hard here, maybe while she was held on top of Jane.

@slarti would be great to see a scene like this with Luna, held on top and finger fucked deep and hard from the bottom.

Also Mel vs Zamira, while in the 69 position I was expect to see Finger Fucking at any time.

Great matches like these would be even better like this!

2013-01-05 21:08:55
Jane was pretty rough with Luna, I love to watch her manhandling her big victim

2013-01-05 21:17:45
Yeah I loved that part too, she was really into it.

2013-01-05 21:19:15
I guess it turns her on having such a big girl at her mercy, who would mop the mat with her in a wrestling match. Jane was a rough dom, I really was surprised

2013-01-05 21:23:30
Yeah I thought that too, Janes eyes were all on Luna's body.

She dommed her in wonderful way, the last part was incredible.

Another great scene I could imagine with Jane or Eva is Luna with her stomach on the mat and ass up, legs open while Jane tribe over her ass or her leg Finger fucking her deep with two fingers.

2013-01-05 21:27:08
Wonderful scene with Luna on her stomach, that would be hot.
I also like Jane grabbing Luna's body, pinching her love handles.

2013-01-05 21:29:14
Also with Monique tribbing on Luna's ass/leg while finger fucking her, or even in a doggy position while tribbing on her ass and finger fucking her.

I can't wait for all this to happen!

2013-01-06 22:54:15
Just wanted to share and write here too the great and wonderful news: We will see Hard Trib Matches with Finger Penetration Masturbation!

Hopefully this could even happen next week in the upcoming match, but I'm not sure of this.

This is a beautiful and great news and this website will do another great step forward in quality!

Are you ready to see the girls Finger Fuck deep during the matches?

I can't wait! Hope this will happen very very soon and to see a lot of matches like this.

Just thinking of some matches pairing with Luna, Monique, Chrissie, Sonia, Sandra, Eva and (hopefully) Nina, Jenny and Antonia.

For now let's just count the days till the first Hard Trib Finger Fucking Match :-)

Really thanks to everyone that shared opinions with me in the topic, to the Girls that are beautiful, great and always ready to make our hearts fly and all the great staff of Trib-Dolls for all the great Work!

To everyone: A HUGE THANK YOU! :-)

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