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Chrissie | 34

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Erotic, Mixed

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Michelle | 28

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 4,7/5 (3 votes)

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Chrissie vs. Michelle
Chrissie vs. Michelle
Chrissie vs. Michelle
Chrissie vs. Michelle
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2013-01-12 22:01:13
What I LOVE about Trib-Dolls is that you'll never be able to tell how a Match will end just looking at the previews pic and video! A superficial Eye would think that the Taller and Strongest Girl will beat up the Smallest and weakest one… but NOPE! You'll never be able to tell this because there elements during the fight that can really change upside down how a match could finish and you'll never be able to imagine which incredible things will happen in the Middle!
This is absolutely what happened in this GREAT Match between the Beautiful, Hot and Wonderful Chrissie and Michelle, that gave life to a Super Hot Experimental Match that will make Tease you right on the point of no return ;-)

After watching the other two Experimental Matches with Michelle vs. Mel and Sonia (I'm not following the release date order, so to know what I mean with Experimental check my other Reviews ;-)) I really couldn't wait to see what could Happen with Chrissie vs. Michelle, and let me tell you that IT WAS GREAT!!!
As I wrote before looking at this match superficially one could say: "It's so obvious that the Strongest one will win." … I'm really not a huge expert or fan about Classic Wrestling so I don't know if this rules applies there, but on Trib-Dolls there are More HOT elements that can change the difficulty factor for each girl not only by their physical strength but also their Sexual Excitement and Lust resistance, plus fighting naked in oil can really Heat Up Very much the last ones ;-)
Coming on the Match: The girls oils up and starts right away to Wrestle Hard leaving no doubt that will be a very hard and tough fight!
Some very great Holds and Positions here will dominate for all the match, one of the girl really surprised me for her Incredible agility in Oil and the great concentration she had even while being trapped by her opponent is a very hard hold.
Both girl were competitive and almost balanced during the first part, but when the panties came off then everything changed and one of the girl slipped on the Domination Side but still having some serious hard time to control her victim the was very determined!
When panties came of other New Very Hot and Exciting elements started to take part in the match, like a very Hot Body Rubbing (Tits on Tits), some very passionate and Exciting Kissing and some VERY VERY VERY TEASING Masturbation … these new elements totally assured our Dominatrix the Victory, while the other girls was visibly Hot and Sexually Excited by all that Rubbing and Masturbating, but believe me it was a lot Teasing and I loved how The Dominatrix owned her victim!

TEASING TEASING TEASING! You'll brain will melt after all this Incredible Teasing action ;-)
Masturbation was slow, deep, deep hard and without any release! Yes, No Orgasms for our Victim that was slowly teased to the edge making her lose strength and control over her body against her lust that was begging inside her head to CUM and EXPLODE in a Mess right on the Mat!
Our Masturbatrix was totally aware of this Incredibly Sexual Excitement her victim had in her body and Totally used this factor to keep a very strong Control over her victim ;-)
She literally kept her on the Edge, bringing her there slowly not only with a hard Masturbation but also with some VERY HOTS Body Rubbing with some Very Passionate and deep Kissing, you'll be able to see all our victim's excitement that was really aching for more Sexual Excitement and Begging with her eyes for a Hard Orgasm.
Regarding the end I would add a special Note: Personally I cannot really tell our Victim had an Orgasm or not, personally I don't think because in other Videos her Orgasms were Incredibly Strong, Monaning, Wet and Visible… but honestly I find a Lot More Exciting to Think that our Masturbatrix leaved her victim right on the edge of Orgasm having her to finish off herself after the match right there on the mat! Something I would Love to see in a Future Match like this ;-)
All this Teasing Action was absolutely SUPERB and HOT to watch, really it will drive you CRAZY!

Very Strong and Hard Wrestling Action by both Girls! Even if after a while One Dominated the other Sexually, she still wasn't having all the control needed to dominate her in wrestling too brining her to face some very hard holds and difficult moments where she had to think fast and react!
Great Action by the More Dominating Girl that surprised me with some incredible reactions and counterattacks, you would never imagine how fast she was and how she used the oil as her best ally together with the Sexual Stimulation over her Opponent… it's pretty visible since the beginning that she knows how to come out from any hard and "dangerous" situation she could be defeated into ;-)
As I wrote I'm more a Hard Trib and Finger Fucking action fan and not an expert of Wrestling, but I was really amazed by the wrestling action I saw here and was incredibly hot to see both girls hot bodies fight naked in oil and tease near an Explosive Orgasm!
Believe me: A MUST SEE for Both Wrestling and Trib Fans ;-)
In three Words: ONE WITH OIL!

Two Incredible, Beautiful, Sensual, Gorgeous and Hot Fighters!!! Chrissie and Michelle filled this match with all their Hot Beauty from the beginning to the end giving really everything to take the Temperature near the sun ;-)
Both determined in Wrestling, smart and ready to react to every move, but only one of them had to fight against her own lust while being teased, masturbated, rubbed and kissed by her opponent!
My dear Chrissie, you became immediately my Number One favorite among the newcomers on Trib-Dolls and you really are one of the most beautiful and gorgeous girls I've ever saw, you are one of the Fighters that has the most Beautiful and Hot Legs and Ass among the fighters! It was great to see her Hot body oiled and Fighting Hard in a Super Match like this.
Michelle you are Incredibly Hot and I could look at you in oil for all day without getting tired ;-) Michelle too has a SUPER HOT Ass and Legs that in oil are even more HOTTER and personally she is absolutely one of the Best Wrestlers that I love to watch, her hot body can be a weapon itself for her opponents, but I really love a lot how much she really enjoys herself too!
I would love to see another Rematch between Chrissie and Michelle soon but this time with the new upcoming additions like Finger Fucking, keeping always a teasing match… but I would love to see how the defeated horny girl would finish off after the match Masturbating and Finger Fucking herself to Orgasm right on the mat in Wet Explosion! Another Great Idea for the Future ;-)
In two Words: TONED HOTNESS!

An Experimental Wrestling match with Erotic Elements that I loved and I will rewatch a lot, even being the Super Hard Trib Finger Fucking Matches lover that I am ;-)
I loved every minute and the teasing was superb, Totally a GREAT ONE ;-) Download to Believe!

VOTE 8/10:
Very personal Vote due to my interest to Harder Matches, I'm not a Wrestling Expert but I enjoyed it! Both Girls were SUPER HOT in Oil and the Teasing was the Best part for me… but I would've loved a lot to see the Teased and Defeated Girl Masturbate herself to orgasm right after the match ;-)