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Elisa | 36

Height: 5'8" (173 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Monique | 33

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Elisa vs. Monique
Elisa vs. Monique
Elisa vs. Monique
Elisa vs. Monique
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2014-02-26 18:36:26
i have no mony this is big probleam i dont see thia video

2013-01-13 03:15:39
After watching this Fantastic Match I could stop think about one only thing: That I Would LOVE to have two neighbors like Monique and Elisa!!!
WOW what an Incredible, Hot and Exciting Match, I really really can't wait for the good season to come back to see many more Outdoor Matches like this one… The Hot Summer Sun was like an icecream compared to the Hot Sexual Excitement and Fast Trib Action I saw between Monique and Elisa, but also let me give you an advice with two hot neighbors like them: don't cross their garden without their permission or… well you have to see the match to discover what could happen, and believe me: you'll LOVE IT! ;-)

In a hot Summer Day the Most Beautiful Girl in the World (Sorry but Monique is my TOTAL Favorite here :-P) is out in the garden watering her wonderful garden with just a shirt and a very sexy pair of panties on, while another beautiful and wonderful girl starts to have some Hot Desires and itches between her legs while looking at the other one watering not only the plants but also her Super Hot Bodies and Breasts for the Hot weather… this is what happens right in the beginning and you'll find yourself at 2mm from the screen when the "observing girl" will start walking near her Hot Fantasies protagonist.
From that moment Lust will take control over one of the girl's brain and body, all she wants is to touch the Tits of the Beautiful Gardener… at least this is what she says, but looking at what happens next is clear that she was interested in having all her body at the mercy of her Sexual Excitement!
After some resistance from "The Gardener" the fight starts and hey… it starts HARD ;-) Both girls find themselves on the lawn, ripping their clothes off and wrestling to some great positions and very strong holds!
VERY HOT to see that Our Sexually Excited Observer had no panties under her very short skirt… during summer time it's something that we all would love to see ;-) SUPERB!
Finally when the clothes came off having both fully naked on the lawn the Trib Started and while one of the girl was already totally Dominated by her Lust and the Desire to fuck the other one (sorry for the verb but is the RIGHT Word), our gardener was Tribbing more for a rivalry and revenge more than sex… but it didn't lasted very long because after a very little while Lust, Sexual Excitement, Powerful Wet Orgasms, Deep Kissing and Hot Tit Fucking took control over both Trib Fighters making the Cum Very Very Hard!
The match got Harder and Harder minute by minute, The Orgasms both girls had were SO HARD that they had to stop for a while to recover in the lawn with their bodies totally soaked in sweat, dew and pussy juice… Really VERY HOT TO WATCH it made me wish to be garden's owner and enjoy the show from my window ;-)

The Trib Action here was at the TOTAL TOP as Trib-Dolls always shown in every single video! ;-)
Passion, Lust and Sexual Desire took control very quickly over the initial rage and fury between the Girls, exploding in a Huge and Wet Trib Fight that will drive you over the point of no return.
The girls jumped from the Initial Rage to an SUPER HOT State of Sexual Desire over their bodies, Tribbing very fast and hard and really enjoying every pleasure shock from their burning hot pussies… Sexual Excitement is OVER THE TOP and you can really tell this by listening to the very wet sounds from their pussies while Tribbing, and believe me VERY WET SOUNDS!
And it din't take to long for Orgasms to start flowing weakening The Beautiful bodies of the Fighters, and we are not talking about regular Orgasms but very HARD, WET AND STRONG ONES, so strong that both girls had to recover for a while after each Orgasm lying down on the grass together in their sweat… this is really something you must see to understand how strong and exciting it is. Every Orgasm the girls had totally deformed their beautiful faces to the impossible and made their bodies squirm totally without control over each other, not to mention that one of the girls in particular had even Multiple Orgasms during the Trib and her Opponent used this against her without Mercy!
Fantastic Trib Positions and Close ups of their Wet Pussies, Wonderful Legs and Assed, I LOVED the Reverse (Ass Up) Scissoring position… the girls asses were almost inside each other for how hard they were pushing and rubbing and even hotter how Red their pussies were after all that Wet Tribbing ;-)
And do I really need to talk also about their Bouncing Tits? YES… you'll be hypnotizes watching the hose Tits bounce after every Trib and shake at light speed during Orgasms
This is Trib Action at it's BEST! Lot of Sexual Desire and Excitement by both Girls, BUY TO BELIEVE ;-)
In Two Words: BOUNCY TRIB!

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
Great Trib Action Dominated 90% of this Match, but the rest 10% was hot and even Hotter too in some moments!
Must Talk about the Incredible Tit Fucking (or Tit-Pussy Rubbing) that One of the Girls started over the other to pleasure her lustful pussy that was screaming for more orgasms… every stroke brought a smile on her beautiful face and and every stroke made her tits bounce too making this action VERY HOT AND FANTASTIC TO WATCH.
Both Girls have fantastic Tits so if you love this kind of action you'll LOVE This Great Match ;-)
Some HOT and PASSIONATE Kissing was present too as the proof of the Very High Excitement of Both Girls, and we are talking about very deep and wet Kissing you would never Imagine, especially by The Most Excited Girls that was Tit Fucked!
Masturbation and Oral were not present, but the action here was already at a Very High Temperature so we could say that this missing doesn't ruin the Match, but in my personal opinion I would have loved to see some.
In one Word: TITGASMIC!

Two Super Hot and Incredibly Beautiful Girls full of Hot Passion and Sexual Desire that ere swimming in an Ocean made of Lust and Very Hard Orgasms!
This could sum everything about it, but they really deserves more words ;-)
I still don't Understand how that field could resist to all the Hot Action that happened over it, how it didn't already exploded in a Volcano with that Hot Bodies Tribbing Super Fast… but this is secondary, the primary thing that will really raise your Temperature are the Girls HOT Bodies Tribbing, Rubbing, Sweating and a Squirming in Pleasure… in the real end you'll notice how much they were soaked wet between their legs, almost dripping for the excitement!
Both are totally overwhelmed by Lust and totally into each other, they wanted Orgasms and they got them… one of them was totally gone for Orgasmland on a Multiple Storm that made her lose total control over herself.
Monique is The Trib Fighter that I Love most among all!!! She is My Favorite One and was a Great to see in this Incredible Match… she was so Excited that probably even forgot the words that made it start all and she some SUPER HOT ORGAMS that made all her Body Explode in a Mess of Sweat and Pussy Juice, WONDERFUL ;-)
Elisa was Super Hot too and had a GREAT Trib Technique with some very Hard and Aggressive Moments against Monique, she was totally into her Sexual Desire since the beginning and her wetness speaks for itself! This is the second match I saw with her and I really Hope to her again soon and maybe in a Hot Rematch with Monique too in a finger Fucking Match.
Two Super Hot Girls that I really hope to see back together soon and that you'll LOVE in this GREAT MATCH ;-)

AWESOME AND SUPER HOT Match that made me wish Spring or Summer could come early to see some New Outdoor Trib Action! I loved the Great passion and Sexual Desire that all girls released and I loved even more the SUPER HARD ORGASMS that left both spent on the Grass totally Wet and Sweaty.
The Trib-Dolls Dream Team scores another SUPER WIN ;-)

VOTE 9/10
Trib was at it's BEST! No Doubt, but for me Masturbation, Oral and Finger Fucking were missing a bit here… it could've been even hotter to see the girls explode even harder while having their Fingers Inside themselves or while Licking and Eating their Pussies in some super 69 Position.