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Eva | 35

Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Jenny | 39

Height: 5'0" (153 cm)
Weight: 104 lbs (47 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Eva vs. Jenny
Eva vs. Jenny
Eva vs. Jenny
Eva vs. Jenny
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2013-01-10 01:39:24
Jenny and Eva, put these two names together and in your mind the words HOT TRIB FIGHT will jump inside in a second!
An incredible Trib Sex Fight that featured a beautiful and intriguing Ice Eyes Overseer: Jana.
This made everything even more exciting for a match that will make you burn right on your place for the hotness! A True Trib classic that must be seen, otherwise you're not a true Trib fan ;-)

It's simple: Eva wants to Trib Fight Jana but she doesn't wants it until she hasn't seen Eva show her what she is capable of on Jenny! Great, Simple, effective and a lot Exciting. Jana was there, watching, controlling and analyzing like a fearless and emotionless machine (of course we know she's not like this but she was holding herself pretty good!)
The match starts with some soft action but don't be fooled because is just the quiets before the "TRIBNADO"!
Lot of passion, intense competition and Orgasm hungry: this is what you can see from the girls eyes while Tribfighting hard in from of Jana, they really wanted to impress her and HEY… I don't know if it really worked for Jana but it worked for me ;-)
Trib action played the major role making it almost a Pure Trib Only match but let me tell you that, even if I love more intense action like oral, slapping an Finger Fucking, this match left me impressed and very happy thanks to the incredible positions the girls found themselves in! Absolutely fantastic the part where one of the girls took furiously the other and Tribbed here right in front of The "Big Sister" Jana (you'll never expect who!).
Intense and Sexually exciting, really even over the super quality standards that we already saw here!
In one Word: ORWELLIAN!

Who is already familiar with Jenny and Eva already knows what I'll write, but for the others: the girls Tribbed themselves so hard that their breath wind could power up an entire nation! Really, Really passionate and Sexually Strong Trib action and I bet it was even more intense due to the presence of Jana observing and analyzing.
This was the kind of excitement and competition that you see when someone tries to impress the "Overlord", both girls really went down hard to demonstrate what they are capable of. In my impression I could say that one of them went so hard because she was really aching to Trib Jana even harder and take a thousand orgasms out of her, while the other one was more focused on destroying that dream the other girls had and Trib Jana only to demonstrate her opponent that she is the Better and will do even a harder Trib Treatment on Jana in front of her.
Really both girls had their desires, their goals and their style to achieve it… but both were so excited, hot and sexually filled with energy that you could feel all that sexual fury right in front of you.
Really you'll find yourself sweating with the girls! And I really cannot understand how Jana could be so cold and controlled in front of an Incredible and Hot scene like this, personally I also imagined that under her patines her pussy was so wet that she could leave a little puddle on that couch and this excited me even more.
I loved the position of Tribbing in front of Jana, but my words will never make it justice, you have to see it with your own eyes to believe me but let me give you an advice: watch it more and more! It's VERY Hot Scene.
In one Color: TRIB SWOLLEN RED! (great close ups!!!!)

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
Here hasn't happened very much other than Tribbing, but believe me it's SUPER HOT even like this!
Trib action dominated most of the time but there are some moments that deserves some great words. Masturbation happened two or three times even if not so hard as I would loved, but it was hot. One of the girls masturbated the other in some very hot positions and probably excited here with the right dose of sexual energy to keep the heat rise up, WOW!
Kissing was present too and even if not too much it was exciting to see it, probably because that kissing was another strategy (one girl really was into it) to impress Jana.
No Oral but the action was so hot that I even noticed it was missing ;-)
Something that really drove me to real excitement was another element that we could consider as unpredictable and very unique to a girl that I really love, we are talking about SWEAT!
Yeah the girls, one really a lot since the beginning, were so excited and hot that sweat was all over their bodies and wet pussies, making it even more exciting to watch. Let me confess you one thing I that came out in my mind while watching this match (and some other "dry" ones): I fantasized of myself sneaking into that room before the girls fight and raise the temperature really high to make them sweat even more till the point they war totally soaked and dripping! Sweat really gave this match that kind of super plus that you know you'll always find on Trib-Dolls ;-)
In one Word: SOAKED!

Jenny and Eva together could freak out a Volcano! They really are explosive together, no matter if it's for rivalry or sexual excitement, they are very Beautiful and Hot to watch together and they really don't know the words "Go down easy on her"… they are two furious fighters that no one can stop until they get what they want: ORGASMS AND VICTORY!
Jenny… oh Jenny you really are special and beautiful to see! Your body is super hot, your innocent face, deep eyes and wonderful smile are like the Sweet Fluid on a carnivorous plant that traps the opponents in a super fast and lustful Trib Attack!
I love how Jenny Tribs fast and enjoys it, her orgasms are so strong and expressive that could make anyone fall in love with her with a Finger snap. I love her even more when she is covered in oil, water or Sweat… yes I Love when Jenny's body is totally wet and soaked, no matter in which fluid, she is the sexiest Wet/Oiled Trib Fighter for me. I really really hope to see Jenny fight again soon in one of the upcoming Hard Trib Finger Fucking Matches: I can't stop picturing her in a Oil Match Finger Fucked and Tribbed without Mercy until she is an orgasmic mess of sweat, oil and pussy cum still squirming from the orgasms. I'm hoping for this every day so I hope that her next opponent will do this to her ;-)
Eva is incredible! Dear Eva you remind me of a British Actress (I'll not say the name) that was in a Mini series titles "Luther", a very mysterious and intriguing lady that was hiding some terrible and frightening secrets… but there is a difference: Eva you are way, way and way MORE HOTTER AND BEAUTIFUL THAN THAT ACRESS!!! You early look like the kind of woman the hides behind her beautiful eyes and charming smile and entire universe of wonderful beauty that you really are made of!
Eva has fire inside her and is a fire that never sleeps, even in the coldest winter she could melt a glacier with just the look of her eyes, and that's why Jenny was so sweaty ;-)
Eva is also a great planner and I loved her strategy against Jenny, she really gave her hard time! And her energy also gave her some incredible FIRE orgasms as always. I can't wait for next week to see what Eva will do with her "New Weapon" ;-)
Some words for Jana too: Jana I think that I'll check inside my wardrobe and look below my bed before going to sleep from now on! You were really Intense and frightening (in a good way)… I'll check hoping to find you :-) If something has to attack me from below my bed I would love to be you and your beautiful eyes! GORGEOUS!
In two Words: FIRE & SWEAT!

A great Trib match that you'll love and that will make you love even more this fantastic and great website! This one is a must, no other words than: BUY IT and You'll be Happy ;-)

VOTE 8/10
This is a very personal observation and is the reason I haven't gave 10/10: The Trib action was fantastic, the girls were SUPER HOT and "Big Sister" Jana added even more hotness and excitement but honestly I missed some more Masturbation action!
A great scene could've been if one of the girls placed the other with open legs right near Jana and Masturbate her HARD (Finger Fucking her too) while tribbing on her legs and maybe even kissing her or licking her tits… a scene like this would have been GREAT in a match like this.