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Eva | 37

Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Zamira | 38

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Eva vs. Zamira
Eva vs. Zamira
Eva vs. Zamira
Eva vs. Zamira
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Eva vs. Zamira Comments | 2

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2015-06-21 21:06:32
I am a huge fan of Eva. She is beautiful and tough. I have see her in more brutal matches than this and when she competes the other girl needs to watch out. This is good match but lacks alittle passion by Zamira.

2013-02-21 08:32:12
Hard TRIB SEX and REVENGE!!! These are the keywords of this INCREDIBLE SUPER HOT MATCH ;-D
Never get between two furious girls that are ready to FIGHT… really, stay on guard because they will destroy and burn everything that is between you and their HOT WET Pussies.
Zamira and Eva really gave the BEST in this HOT match, and believe me: you will never be able to guess what will happen at the end of this match, the end is a PURE SHOCK SURPRISE :-O
Eva is a True Veteran and Zamira is evolving in the ULTIMATE TRIB FIGHTER… Watch to See Who will WIN and DOM tHE WORLD!!!
As I wrote before: I was SURE that the TRIB DOLLS DREAM TEAM was Ready to bring us THE BEST SEX FIGHTS One after another and going always Better!!

Ok we have to go a little back in time to the real origin of this match that is INCREDIBLY HOT!!!
Both Girls starts fully naked with just a towel, getting ready to go out for the night and I think that this moment was really hot due to the HOT conversation they have and watching at their SUPER HOT AND BEAUTIFUL NAKED BODIES ;-)
In this Hot conversation we discover that One of the Girls had sex with the other one's boyfriend and this is the flame that starts the Incredible HOT and VERY HARD Wrestling Match that follows (you can see it on Fighting-Dolls).
After this Very Hard Wrestling/Catfight Match one of the girls decide that is time to demonstrate who's the BEST at SEX and then the Hard Trib Sex Fight starts and this one TAKES NO PRISONER!!!!
In this match you'll see something that is VERY HOT and that is possible to see ONLY ON TRIB-DOLLS AND FIGHTING-DOLLS: You'll the TRUE Evolution of a Fighter in a VERY FURIOUS and DETERMINED FIGHTER.
I will not spoil anything for now, this MUST really be seen with your eyes, this match starts almost balanced but then one of the girls starts to DOMINATE AND FUCK HARD AND DIRTY THE OTHER ONE ;-)
In three Words: LUCKY YOU LEX!!! ;-) (which I was that Lex… see to believe)

So we have a Very Experienced, Super Hot and Strong Trib Fighter versus another Super Hot almost Veteran Trib Fighter, you could think that this match has a very easy progress right? WRONG!!
What happens in this match will surprise you and will leave you without words TILL NEXT WEEK ;-)
The balance of this match is string only in the middle, but in the beginning and at the end this balance is gone with both girls dominating the other and switching role in the end in one of the HOTTEST TRIB REVENGE I EVER SAW!
Trib action was Hard and Deep, making both Girls Super Hot Bodies Dripping WET in SWEAT during the match and have some very HARD and Earthshaking Orgasms and I mean VERY HARD!! Also both girls went beyond their physical limit, keeping on Fucking Hard and Dirty while their pussies gets always MORE AND MORE WET, SWOLLEN AND RED FOR ALL THAT CUMMING :-O
I really have to give a SPECIAL PARISE to a moment where the Trib was SO FAST AND HARD that the camera almost couldn't capture all the frames, MUST SEE TO BELIEVE!!!
Also incredible how the submitted Girl in the beginning took her Revenge Slowly and reacting at every move of her opponent, first balancing the match and then sending her opponent to ORGASMLAND ;-)
I'm sure that you'll think like me that after this match all the other Trib Fighters should start to worry about the Evolution of this INCREDIBLY HOT Trib Fighter ;-)

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Fingering, Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
What happened other than Trib? EVERYTHING!!! But here our "Evolving Fighter" was the TOTAL PROTAGONIST!!! Her Revenge started suddenly and without warning using TWO FINGERS Pushed HARD AND DEEP into her Opponent's Pussy, making her Scream and Moan for one of the HARDEST ORGASMS I saw in a Sex fight… really I never saw our Masturbatrix opponent fucked and masturbated so hard to make her lose control all aver her body and cumming without control until she was totally unable to react and get back on domination over her Masturbatrix.
But even our VERY MEAN and FANTASTIC Masturbatrix had her Hard Time to keep her victim under control: let's not forget that our victim is a TRUE VETERAN and wasn't so Happy of letting her Masturbatrix make her cum and play with her body wild without control so our Veteran Victim gave the same Hard Finger Fucking and Masturbation HARD ORGASM Treatment to her Masturbatrix, making her have some serious problems to keep the domination-masturbation and making her even CUM VERY HARD!
SUPER SPECIAL PRAISE To a FANTASTIC 69 HARD Finger Fucking Position that ended in a Pure ORGASMIC STORM that MUST BE SEEN ;-)
Both girls went down hard with some serious Slapping, Ass Kicking and GREAT Oral Sex too, In this match you'll really see how Dangerous two FURIOUS AND HORNY Girls can be! I'm still asking myself how is possible that they haven't started a blaze with all those orgasms.

Eva and Zamira are really Beautiful and Special, BOTH in there Unique and Fantastic way and they put all their Passion, Fury and Sexual Excitement in this HARD Trib Match making it ONE OF THE BEST!
I would love to write some very special words for both girls, because they really made a SUPER MATCH, but be warned that is there are some SPOILERS AHEAD due to the Very INCREDIBLE Evolution one of the Fighters is going thru and it really deserves a GREAT PRAISE ;-)

--SPOILERS AHEAD!!!-- (Jump this part if you don't want to Know the SUPER ENDING)
Dear Zamira… I have to admit that I'm REALLY starting to Fall in Love with You after what I saw!!! You are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, SEXY, HOT and with a Incredibly Sweet and Gorgeous Princess face (because you are a Princess without any doubt) ;-) and that Beautiful Princess look you have is a TRUE TRAP for all your Opponents because they cannot even Imagine HOW STRONG AND WILD Is the Fighter Inside you!
I saw Zamira the first time on the Threesome Match with Jenny and Sonia and I was sure that she would be One OF THE BEST NEW GIRLS!!! But in the very previous matches I never saw her go too Hard on her opponents, being a Great Fighter but Never crossing the "Killer Line"… then the Match with Mel came (TD97 another MUST SEE!!!) and Zamira came back after a pause TOTALLY CHANGED and WILDER THAN BEFORE :-O
She became one of the most Scary and Mean Fighters that will FREAK AND FUCK All the other Fighters here, she already DESTROYED and SUBMITTED Eva and Mel (two of the Strongest Veterans), I can't wait to see her GO DOWN EVEN HARDER WITH ALL THE OTHER GIRLS ;-) Zamira could become in a very short time the TRIB-DOLLS TERROR TOP FIGHTER!!!
Really Zamira you are BEAUTIFUL AND SPECIAL and I LOVE this New Wild Side of you! THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU EXIST :-)
And about you Eva, You are Really GORGEOUS AND INTRIGUING! You are a Fantastic Girl full of Passion and a VERY HOT Mysterious Look that makes you look like a Good/Bad Bond Girl and since you are a GREAT FIGHTER and VERY STRONG you could Beat Down HARD even 007 in just two moves ;-)
I love how Eva fights and Tribs, she really has NO MERCY for her Opponents and puts all her GREAT PASSION in EVERY MATCH… but in this match she was Submitted in a way that I NVERE SAW BEFORE!
Eva I can't wait to see you back soon ;-) You are THE MUST SEE to Discover what TRUE SEXFIGHT IS, YOU ARE FANTASTIC!

Even if you have read or not the Spoilers my advice is the same: BUY THIS MATCH AND BE READY TO BE AMAZED!!

This Match Will show you HOW HARD AND HARDER Two Girls can Beat, Slap, Fuck, Trib and Masturbate themselves into Uncontrollable Orgasmic Bodies! This match will teach you why is better to NEVER EVER make a Girl angry, because you could NEVER IMAGINE HOW HARD AND FURIOUS SHE WILL BEAT YOU ;-)
SO HOT!!!!! I Loved every MINUTE and SECOND of This Match… now is Time to see what will happen in the Future and which Girl will be Beaten, Tribbed, Fucked and Masturbated by Our New EVOLUTION SUPER TRIB FIGHTER.

VOTE 9 and a half/10:
A last VERY PERSONAL NOTE about This Fantastic Match: I haven't gave 10/10 or 11/10 (which is my ULTIMATE MAX) because I prefer when the Girls Trib and Fights FULLY NAKED. Zamira has a VERY HOT and FANTASTIC BODY, I would have love to see her Fully Naked during the Match as Eva.
I really Love Fully Naked Trib Matches because you can see every GREAT Detail of the SUPER HOT GIRL's BODIES while squirming in pleasure ;-)

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