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Isabel | 35

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 169 lbs (77 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Mixed, Trib, Nude

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Pamela Queen | 38

Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Topless

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Rating: 4,8/5 (13 votes)

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Isabel vs. Pamela Queen
Isabel vs. Pamela Queen
Isabel vs. Pamela Queen
Isabel vs. Pamela Queen
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Isabel vs. Pamela Queen Comments | 10

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2021-10-09 11:59:53
Thank you for the comments my favorite is ganet, the watch against Jasmina was fantastic. And you are right Bianca is not good enough to win in tribfight but she fight good and with trash talking

2021-10-08 22:00:25
Yeah roy Pamela beats Jasmina forgot to mention that in my post and I would love to see Bianca vs Pamela even though Bianca might not stand a chance tribbing vs Pamela since I've watched all of Bianca's and Pamela's trib matches I think Pamela would beat her pussy pretty good however I know Bianca is always up for a challenge. Or I would obviously like to see Pamela give Donna a rematch to see if Donna can beat her this time!

2021-10-08 21:28:26
Hey roy yeah Isabel has really strong hips and grind which makes her a good trib fighter. The Pamela and Jasmina match was actually Pamela's first trib match as it was revealed in the behind the scenes. They just posted the Donna vs Pamela one first. For Pamela's first trib against a decent opponent in Jasmina, it was a close contest but it didn't have the same trib technique and power that someone like Donna and Isabel have. It takes both women to give and take in a trib fight to make it a good match. For Pamela's first match Jasmina was the right opponent to see how she could do going pussy to pussy. I've written other reviews on quite a few other matches but not the Pamela vs Jasmina one yet. Feel free to comment on them and let me know what you think of the matches you've watched, cheers I hope that helps!

2021-10-08 21:25:52
Also the match Pamela vs Donna I thought till the end that Donna gonna wins and finally Pamela wins. One math can be hot ganet vs Pamela

2021-10-08 20:52:15
I think that you are right Steve and I think that Isabel is so strong in tribfight because she has fat pussy and her clit is hidden with her big lips, Do you know the result of the match Pamela against Jasmina?

2021-10-08 15:14:35
@Samurai @roy Isabel was able to control Pamela in wrestling and tribbing. She was even out fucking Pamela from bottom positions. Isabel had dominant tribbing positions for most of the match, it was always going to be a tough match for Pamela to win. Isabel is an experienced trib fighter and is really strong at wrestling. I know Pamela had a really good performance against Donna and won that much but on this day Isabel was the better woman. I hope they have a rematch!

2021-10-08 12:29:31
Fantastic match and for me Pamela can beat any girls in tribfight and if she lost here it's because she let Isabel win. It's nice to see her against Mel or Luna

2021-10-07 21:11:37
Pamela played the victim, if she wanted to, she could win at will without any difficulty!

2021-10-07 00:12:08
Nice tribbing from both women, each of them kept tribbing each other from bottom positions which makes for a good trib match. Isabel had control of most of the match from top positions she's just too strong for Pamela but was Pamela still able to outfuck Isabel when she got certain opportunities? You can see how much energy Pamela had to give in this match with her body glistening in sweat. This match comes down to the wire, find out and see who gets the victory. A rematch is needed for sure, I hope Pamela keeps tribbing she's got the skill needed to take on the best!

2021-10-05 23:59:19
Wow ... I thought there would be twenty comments about this one by now.