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Jenny | 39

Height: 5'0" (153 cm)
Weight: 104 lbs (47 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Jane | 38

Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
Weight: 105 lbs (48 kg)
Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic

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Rating: 5/5 (2 votes)

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2013-01-09 02:05:06
Finally writing my first comment (or short review) for this great fantastic website! (to wait before next match is online)
All that follows are my personal opinions and impressions on the video, nothing else, you will never find a spoiler in my reviews ;-)
So let's start:

This match is a true force of nature! It starts immediately and keeps the action from 100% to even higher rates till the end! Great Passion, Hot action and great chemistry between the girls. You'll better push the pause button sometime to give your heart a pause or it will fly away burning like a summer fire.
There are really no "dead zones" or "time outs", they go down hard on each other from the beginning to the end for an action that I could describe both Competitive and Sexually Aggressive.
In one Word: EXCITING!

Trib is excellent and over the Top as always! Some moments were pretty intense and drove the girls to some incredible and interesting positions (you have to see it multiple times to know what I mean and believe it!)
Also looking at the yes and face of one of the girls I think the she had some of the hardest orgasms I've ever seen from her in a Trib fight here and was asking for more and more and always more with her opponent happy to give them all to her.
In one Word: ORGASMIC!

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Oral, Masturbation, Kissing etc):
For me personally this was one of the strongest and most teasing points (other than the Trib action) in this match, here is why: Kissing was intense and passionate, one of the girl was constantly pulling her opponents from her shoulders or hair to kiss her and from the breathing you'll be able to imagine how much she really had the urge to do it! No oral action but this wasn't a negative point at all, the match was intense and great even without it.
The hottest part for me was the Masturbation: both girls touched their pussies hard, really hard and even causing an orgasm in one situation! It teased me so much because in one moment one of the girls masturbated the other (very excited) one so hard that I was expecting her to finger fuck her "victim" very deep, her fingers were just around her labia almost ready to get inside… it was great to see and very teasing and the same goes for another moment were the girls mutually masturbated themselves!
I really hope to see both of them in a Finger Fucking match soon.
In one Word: TEASING!

Two of my absolute favorites, Jenny and Jana! They were both super hot and really a lot into each others, but (my impression) it was more the rivalry kind of excitement than a only sexual passion.
Sex and competition perfectly mixed together, Jana's deep eyes were speaking alone in certain moments as Jenny was more speaking with her body and fast action!
Great pairing that never disappointed me but I have to admit that I have a special passion for Jenny, she is really one of the fighters that got my heart and is one of the most exciting, sexy and erotic to watch (her body in oil is super hot)… I don't want to take nothing away from Jana, she is really beautiful and has some gorgeous eyes that I could look forever and get lost into! (sometimes she is also the scary fighter type and I love that).
But here I loved looking at Jenny fast trib technique, see her body get wet and sweaty for all the action and (most of all) I loved to see her masturbated so hard! That moment for me is worth all the fight almost and I really really hope that Jenny will accept soon to do a Finger Fucking Hard Trib match, that would be epic for me.
In two Word: TRUE BEAUTY!

A great, great and SUPER Great Match that I really recommend to watch! One that will be a Super Classic in my collection and that I will always watch and rematch without getting bored of it!

VOTE 9/10
The missing point is because there was no Finger Fucking in a Hard and Passionate Match Like this, I would have really loved to see it between these two girls (Jenny being the first), but this is a personal consideration! The match is SUPER HOT!