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Luna | 38

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Chrissie | 33

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Erotic, Mixed

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Luna vs. Chrissie
Luna vs. Chrissie
Luna vs. Chrissie
Luna vs. Chrissie
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2013-01-14 02:35:17
Luna vs. Chrissie in Oil on Trib-Dolls? The only answer can be MUST BUY THIS GREAT MATCH! :-)
And this one It's one of THE GREATEST TOO! Everything you can expect from a SUPER HOT Trib Match with a lot of Hard Orgasms, High Sexual Excitement, The Most Beautiful and Passionate Girls and The BEST Trib Action you'll ever see in your life… everything mixed together in a 30 Minute Match that will make you EXPLODE like a Volcano ;-)
This one Entered in my personal MUST SEE and BEST MATCHES After the First Time I saw it… I'm sure that the same will happen for you.

Looking at both girls while they oil themselves before the match you already know that this match will be a SUPER HOT BURNING One… plus the Ass slapping and how the girls tease each others while oiling will reveal Immediately that in this match there is a Clear and Obvious Dominatrix with one objective in her mind (guess what ;-))
Right after a very short and Sexually Charged moment the girls go down on Wrestling in a second with an incredible Rage and Fury, but Rage and Fury will be replaced very soon by a Very Strong and Wet Sexual Excitement driven only by Orgasms Desire… and one of the Girls will get really a lot of them being Sexually Dominated and brought to a total Squirming, Wet and Orgasming Mess!
So yes, in this match there was a Dominatrix since the Beginning that played how much she wanted with her victim's body, putting and holding her in some of the Most Erotic and Hot Positions you can ever imagine where her was Tribbed, Masturbated, Slapped and Dominated without any Mercy… I really totally lost the count of Orgasms our Beautiful Victim had, probably near the impossible limits of human body because in the end she wasn't even able to get up while her opponent was still teasing and playing with her, SUPERB SCENE!
Even hotter the Very Hard Masturbation and a Super Hot Tit Kissing and Ass Kissing scenes, this Match left me Speechless. Both girls were totally into each others, One loved to Dominate the Other, while The Dominated Loved being Dominated into an Orgasm Dream.

The Best Trb Action you will ever see between two Hot, Oiled and Sexually Excited Girls… this Description could fit every Video Here, but this is one of the MOST EXCITING AND HOTTEST I've saw!
Most of the Great Hot Action is really thanks to special Chemistry Chrissie and Luna haves, it's really hot to see them both taking their respective Dominant and Submissive role while Tribbing Hard without Mercy in every possible Position and getting so many Hard Orgasms.
As I wrote before one of the Girl was sent to Orgasmland a lot more than the other one, she loved every Trib Stroke and her face was totally screaming all the pleasure that her pussy was giving her… you'll have another great proof of her excitement and pleasure watching at the Great Close ups of her Pussy getting always more Wet, Red, Swollen and Very Wide Open in some Hot Moments.
Even our Dominatrix had some great and very Strong Orgasms during Trib Action but she kept always control over her victim more using her as a pleasure toy than having to fight with her… our victim loved her submission role and was really willing to pleasure her Dominatrix in every possible way ;-)
About The great Positions: both Girls have BEAUTIFUL LEGS AND ASSES that in Oil acre EVEN HOTTER, some Trib Positions will make you admire both Girls Body while being Excited and Tribbed to Very Hard Orgasms, you'll be able to see the pleasure all over their bodies looking at the incredible detail of their Hot, Beautiful and Soft Oiled Skin.
This Match is TRIB-DOLLS HOTNESS at 400%!!! A Total MUST BUY fora all True Trib Fight Fans ;-)

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
If the Trib was SUPERB you cannot Imagine How SUPERB WAS EVERYTHING ELSE!!!
Masturbation being the The Hottest and Most Intense during all the Match and Our Victim was the Total Protagonist of this Great BURNING Action. YES! Our Victim was held and Masturbated Very Hard to some Incredible VERY WET Orgasms that made her lose totally control over her body and hey… she loved it so much the made NO RESISTANCE while her Masturbatrix's Hand was Playing, Touching and Exciting her between her Legs that were always Spread Open.
Super Special Praise to Two AWESOME Positions that I LOVED: in one our Victim was held with her beautiful oiled Legs Wide open and up showing us a GREAT Detail of her Spread Open Pussy that was dripping with Love Juices for all the Hard Masturbation Action… In this Great position I really missed a lot some Good Finger Fucking, also because the Fingers where almost inside the Pussy, the Action was early hot and I was expecting at anytime to see our Masturbatrix shove two fingers inside her victim's pussy.
Second GREAT Position that occurred more than once was a Fantastic Ass Up Masturbation with the Masturbatrix hand crossing her victim's Super HOT ASS… and believe me, when you'll see that Incredible Ass Bounce while she is Masturbated to an Orgasm I'm pretty sure that you'll find yourself pushing pause after to take a little break due to the ULTRA INTENSE Heartbeat.
And if this isn't enough for you then get ready because Kissing had a bother Special Major Role, but not only a classic Mouth to Mouth Kissing… Our Domintarix was Kissed and Licked on her Beautiful Tits and Ass by her Wonderful, Wet and still Orgasming Victim. Two very simple moments that will Drive you CRAZY!
Also a lot of Great Ass Slapping from the Beginning… both girls early enjoyed all this Super Extra Action, Honestly I can't wait to see Them Both Together Again in a Oil Hard Trib with Finger Fucking!

Chrissie and Luna… do I have to say more? Two of the Most Beautiful Fighters Here and Most Beautiful Girls all Over The World!
They were TOTALLY BALANCED in their Domination-Submission role and tho created a Perfect Mix of Sexual Excitement for all the Match: they were totally Horny and Crazy for each other during this match. Their beautiful Bodies were asking always for more and more Orgasms from each Other during all the Trib and Masturbation Action that made the EXPLODE in a Wet and Juicy Geyser.
Dear Chrissie you are Really a Super Hot, Beautiful and Wonderful Girl with a Gorgeous Charming Smile that could bring Spring even at Christmas! You became one of my Total favorite Fighters after one Match and now if I you are in match for me it's SURE BUY ;-)
Chrissie it's always one of the best to see Trib and Fight, she is very Determined and knows how to drive a Match in a HOT and EXPLOSIVE WAY… exactly what happened here and I really can't wait to see her back in a New Hard Trib Match in Oil with Finger Fucking.
Luna you already know! You are one of my LONG TIME TOTAL Favorite and you are always more Beautiful and Intriguing… you eyes are really Wonderful and your Body is Really Hot to see all Oiled and Squirming in Orgasms! Really Luna it's always the Girl that changes everything and raises the HEAT even HIGHER to a Total Meltdown, she is a True Explosive Woman full of Great Surprises that will make every match Impossible to believe even after rewatching it (something that you'll do very often ;-)).
Now that Finally Finger Fucking is here on Trib-Dolls I can't wait to see her Finger Fucked Hard and Deep in Oil… THAT WILL BE AN EPIC MOMENT HERE!

Do I really need to say more? This is Trib-Dolls at it's best, with two of the MOST BEAUTIFUL Girls covered in oil, Tribbing and Masturbating themselves to so many Hard Orgasms that you will note believe it was even possible to have so many! Great Sexual Domination Thanks to the Great Chemistry and You'll love the Super Hot Submission to Orgasms that our Victim let overpower over her whole squirming and wet Body!

VOTE 10/10
Incredibly HOT and a Real MUST BUY! But as always with such Great Passion, Hotness and Sexual Excitement I really missed Finger Fucking a lot!
Dear TRIB-DOLLS DREAM TEAM PLAESE! Think of a Rematch between Chrissie and Luna with Finger Fucking and then will be a 100/10 ;-)