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Mel | 38

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Pamela | 29

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Mel vs. Pamela
Mel vs. Pamela
Mel vs. Pamela
Mel vs. Pamela
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2013-01-12 05:01:50
Among all "Dry" Trib Apartment Matches, this one is MY TOTAL FAVORITE!!!
This match will teach you a very Important Lesson: Never Mess Up with a Girl… NEVER EVER IN YOUR LIFE! Because if you do something Wrong and say the Wrong Words like happened here, then you'll be better start Running and find a good place to Hide from a Furious, Beautiful, Domination Hungry and Sexually Excited Woman that will catch you and Trib You till you are a Sweaty Cumming Mess… "Why should I run?" you are asking yourself for sure! :-P Probably it would be one of the best "incident" in someone's life, especially if this happens with Two Beautiful and Gorgeous Women as Pamela and Mel are ;-)
So hold on tight and be ready of the The Match that will Scare the hell out of you while Keeping you on the Verge of the Hottest Excitement you ever Had!!!

Recovering from the previous Wrestling Match the girls are on the floor, while one of them stands up and says the words that started the FURY of the other one: "YOU ARE COLD!!!" … It was like a Sudden and Brutal Storm, the Other Girl jumped on her feet, slipped off her panties and started whipping her victim with them!!!!
WOW WOW WOW!!! A Very Hot Catfight Action that just started a Real Blaze of Sexual Fire that Girls unleashed without any limit and mercy… really you'll start to fear that the girls could jump off the screen and start Tribbing, Kissing and Slapping right above your face ;-)
Domination and Sexual Trib were at the MAXIMUM in this Match… both Girls WANTS ORGASMS: One to demonstrate that she is not cold and the other just wants to as many times her body will allow her to and even other.
Some other Fantastic Tit Action was Present, SUPER HOT Tick Fucking, Sucking and even Slapping that are the Legendary mark of one of the Girls ;-)
I was also Wonderful too see both girls Tits Bounce so much like an Earthquake! They really Tribbed Hard till their bodies were sweaty and dripping… Domination was present in both of the girls even if one of them was really angry and scary (you can imagine why :-P)… but it was a very Erotic kind of Fear that you'll love ;-)
I loved every second of this match, it made me SUPER HOT and I can't wait for both a Rematch or another SUPER HOT SCENE LIKE THIS… RAGE, SEX, SWEAT AND ORGAMS!
In one Word: RAGEGASMIC!

They did it Hard, HARDER and TO THE HARDEST LEVEL YOU'LL EVER SEE! Think of this: at the beginning they came out from a hot Wrestling Match and their bodies were dry… at the end they Were SOKING WET IN SWEAT AND STILL SQUIRMING IN PLEASURE FOR ALL THE ORGASMS THAT MADE THOSE HOT PUSSIES EXPLODE IN A WET MESS!!!
It starts immediately and driven by the fury of these words, but lust took over control very soon here making the girls not only Trib for Comepetion but also to enjoy some Great Orgasms that arrived as an Endless Storm, bringing to some Incredible Moments with Very EROTIC Positions the girls Tribbed into.
I loved how both were into each other's Lust… they were exciting themselves with the other's one excitement but one of them still had Competition and Domination Screaming in her Mind and wanted to KEEP her Control Over her Opponents… bad choice because this trapped her in a lethal position where she was… ehm touched very hard :-P (we'll talk about it later!)
SUPER SPECIAL PRAISE To a Great Trib Standing Position that one of the Girl did to the other while she was on the edge of the bed: a very INTENSE, WET AND MOANING MOMENT that lead to one of the Hardest Orgasms!
Really Superb! Standing Trib really Excites me because you can really see all the Girls Wonderful Body in Full Tension and you can see the very fast Shocks of Pleasure run and vibe trough all their bodies while they Trib… I love this moment and I hope to see it again soon ;-)

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
Get Yourself ready… if your Screen isn't already a flaming torch! This Match features the HOTTEST AND MOST INCREDIBLE TIT ACTION I'VE EVER SAW :-D
I mean Serious TIT FUCKING that caused some very Big Orgasms too, both of the girls really used their tits as lethal Weapons to defeat the opponent and pleasure both themselves.
Very Erotic and Exciting and not to Forget the VERY Passionate and Deep Tit Sucking and some Tit Slapping too that was a very HOT ONE TO SEE :-O
Pamela and Mel haves really beautiful Breasts and it was gorgeous to see the use those beautiful melons in every possible way… really CREATIVE USE.
I'll never forget those Titties Bouncing, Fucking, Slapping and Being Sucked like there's no Tomorrow ;-)
Masturbation? YEAH!!!! Some Great Masturbation too by both girls but I have to admit that the Hottest one to see was the one that occurred during an Incredible Position The Girls had: do you remember that I told you that one of the girls was still trying to control her opponent and was trapped to a lethal hold?
Ok so our Victim found herself right over her opponents with her belly up in the air and while being Masturbated VERY HARD by Her Holding Masturbatrix Furious Fingers! This our Victim to Explode right there in a Wet and Hot Orgasm that you will never Forget.
Fantastic Action, but as always for me Finger Fucking was missing… it could have been a great element to raise even more the TEMPERATURE and make the girls sweat more ;-)
Kissing was very Deep and Hot to watch… always more lead by Lust, but Titties had the Special Treatment!
In one Word: TITGASMIC!

Beautiful and Wonderful Mel and Pamela, they both enjoyed the Entire Match and gave themselves some Incredible HARD Orgasms… they started cat fighting (the Panties WHIP Is SUPREME) and then they found themselves having the Most Erotic and Exciting Trib Sex Fight that made those wonderful Bodies Dripping Wet and Their Pussies Red and Swollen!
The end of the Match will show you how much they enjoyed it… probably those "BAD WORDS" had the Exact opposite Effect and by the way they were false… BOTH GIRLS ARE BURNING HOT!!!!
But to be honest One of the Girls was still having some Domination and Control Rage Inside her, those words were still echoing in her Brain keeping her angry but MORE HORNY ;-)
Dear Pamela… you early know how to bring the Temperature even higher than the Hottest Sun, you really are a Blazing Star! I loved the way Pamela unleashed all her sexuality over Mel and how much she enjoyed to CUM, CUM and CUM! Her Wonderful Hot Body was Incredible and Gorgeous to see during this Orgasm Storm.
Elegant, Smart and Beautiful Mel you always find new incredible way to surprise me and make me scream: "SHE IS THE LEADER!"… Really you are the Kind of Beautiful Woman that could transform a hard match into a Piece of cake, even if you'll have to fight against a 20 meters tall Woman! MEL NEVER SURRENDERS ;-)
Yeah she never stops, no matter what happens she is still Fighting and with Victory in her Smart and Fast Brain… love how she counterattacks and reacts to her opponents moves, but in these match her lust was another enemy, even if enemy was really the wrong word because as I wrote after a while both girls were totally Hot and Driven by Lust and Orgasms Desire ;-)
They both Fighted, Tribbed, Tit Fucked and Masturbated in a Super HOT WAY… A MUST SEE AND A MUST REMATCH WITH FINGER FUCKING TOO ;-)

Probably the match that will show you what the TRIB-DOLLS Dream Team is capable of! You would never Imagine How Hot one of their Videos can be until you see it ;-) This one MUST BE REALLY SEEN! Because telling it with words Only will never give it the right Justice it Deserves… Absolutely ONE Of My favorite, Incredible and HOT Beginning and SUPER Hot Ending… Hoping to see VERY SOON a Rematch that will Include Some Very Deep Finger Fucking.

VOTE 10/10
Really nothing to say other than: BUY IT NOW! I loved the Girl's Sweaty Bodies and Hairs while Tribbing Hard ;-)

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