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Michelle | 28

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Eva | 37

Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
Weight: 119 lbs (54 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 4/5 (3 votes)

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Michelle vs. Eva
Michelle vs. Eva
Michelle vs. Eva
Michelle vs. Eva
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2013-01-14 06:16:19
OH WOW!!!! The Very First Experimental Erotic Wrestling Match with Michelle vs. Eva ;-)
I'm not writing my Reviews following a Chronological Order, the first Experimental Match with Michelle that I saw was TD73 vs. Sonia so if you want more detail of what Experimental means read my Review of TD73.
Also this Time I really Loved how Trib-Dolls is capable of creating New GREAT Ideas with Super Hot Girls and even More HOTTER Results! This Match is the Proof the Here Quality has NO LIMITS ;-)
I really loved all Special Matches with Michelle, Super Hard Wrestling and Super Hard Erotic Action all mixed together in a Hot Video that will keep your Temperature Raise Exponentially till a HARD Explosion!
I hope that they'll be a lot more soon… in the meantime get ready for this one.

The starts very softly with the girls in panties and oiling themselves before going down on the mat and Fight Hard! This very soft start doesn't last very long, because in a very fraction of seconds the Girls are already down on the Mat Wrestling, Holding and Slipping in Oil with their Super Hot Sexy Bodies.
The Wrestling Action has some very Outstanding moments with both Girls giving Hard Time to themselves, having one of them react faster thanks to her Incredible Agility and the Oil… but this is only the First minute because right after the panties comes off and the Temperature starts to raise Incredibly!
One of the Girls immediately took control over the other rubbing her Hot Oiled Body over her and giving her some serious Sexual Excitement that made her Pussy very Wet after some seconds and from that moment our Dominatrix will give some serious Hard time to her victim Teasing Her and Masturbating her to some very Hard Orgasms that will let her lose total control over her body and Orgasm even more Harder for all the match!
This Incredible Dominance gets Stronger and Stronger even if the Victim still tries to regain control with Wrestling but falling again in some very Hot and Sexy Traps where she will be Masturbated to Orgasm without Mercy ;-)
Positions… OH THE POSITIONS!!!! You cannot even Imagine him which Incredible positions our victim found herself Masturbated into, positions that will show in Great Details Her Soaking Wet Pussy aching for More Orgasms and Orgasming, Her Super Hot Ass and Oiled Legs that are totally SUPERB ;-)
You'll fall in love with our Masturbated Victim and with all the Match! BUY TO BELIEVE :-O
In one Word: OILGASM!

Our Victim loves being Masturbated till she totally loses control over her body to an Infinite Orgasm Bliss… she really LOVES having another girl's hand between her legs doing every possible Dirty Thing to make her Cum Hard and Harder ;-)
Every stroke on her Pussy made her Wetter and Wetter until she was Dripping Love Juices everywhere! Our Masturbatrix was getting visibly wet too thanks to her Victim and in some very hot close ups you'll be able to see very clearly what I mean. After the First Earthshaking Orgasms our victim wasn't even interested in fighting anymore her Masturbatrix, also because she was fighting against her own lust too and the fight was impossible to win even for a great Wrestler like her but let's say it… watching her moan in pleasure while being Masturbated Hard and Harder was EVEN GREATER!
Not to forget the great position our victim was Masturbated into: my personal FAVORITES the ones with her Wonderful Ass Up in the air and her long legs oiled and in front, same for some other great Spread Legs Close ups that showed her beautiful pussy Masturbated with her Masturbatrix Hand moving trough her ass and making it bounce fast. Totally Superb Action that You MUST REALLY SEE to Believe ;-)
As always I personally missed some Good Finger Fucking, also because our victim was so Excited and Wet that a good and deep Finger Fuck could've made her Cum Louder, harder and WETTER.
Nothing more than a Simple Advice: BUY IT!

Personally I was a lot more into the Hot Masturbation Action, but let me tell you that the Wrestling too was very Deep and Hard and while during Masturbation we had a clear Dominatrix, on the Wrestling side both Girls Dominated and gave hard time to themselves.
Till the panties were on even our victim had no problems Fighting Hard and almost winning over her Opponent, but when panties came off even Body Rubbing started to Sexually Excite her and lose control over the match.
Special Praise to some very great Holds that put both girls in some serious difficulty, but even greater how both reacted, counterattacked to break free and attack again.
I'm more a hard Trib fan, but honestly I really enjoyed a lot the Wrestling Part of this Great Match. Personally, as I wrote before, I hope to see more of this kind ;-)
In two Words: LETHAL HOLDS!

Beautiful, Wonderful and Hot as Always!!! Trib Dolls Girls are always a great Pleasure to watch and while Eva is a Real Trib Veteran and one of the Most Beautiful Fighters, Michelle is a New Fighter that I loved since the first Moment of how she enjoys all the Erotic and Wrestling Action.
Competition was strong during Wrestling but when the panties came off and Masturbation took control then one of the girls totally submitted to both her infinite Lust and Her Opponent and when I say that she loved this submission I mean SHE LOVED till the point of making no Resistance and Having Her pussy visibly soaking wet ;-)
Eva you are BEAUTIFUL, INTRIGUING and VERY HOT! I always think about the access of that British TV Series (Luther), bite every time see her I think that you are 100 time more beautiful, sexy and sensual. I LOVE how Eva studies her opponent to find her weak points and keep her down on the mat in every possible way… Eva is a TRUE Determined Smart Fighter and a great Strategist, even with her shoulders on a wall she could slide between your legs and take you down like a ninja ;-) Also her beautiful eyes never reveal her masterplan! Eva I can't wait to see you back :-D YOU ARE FANTASTIC!
Oh Michelle, about you I could write really a lot! You are probably the most Particular Fighter, being the Beautiful Woman that you are with some Fantastic and lovely eyes, a Super HOT body and SUPER HOT BURNING HOT Ass and Legs in oil to watch! Micelle has some great Wrestling Technique and she can be a very Hard opponent to beat, but what will make you fall in love with her it's her "Weak Point"… she really loves being Masturbated Hard and her Sexual Excitement raises to Incredible levels during the matches. Micelle I hope you'll be back soon in oil and Finger Fucked Very Hard in the New Upcoming Hard Trib Matches… I really can't wait to see you again!
In two Words: SMART LUST!

The First Match of a Great Experimental Series featuring Michelle for the first time and the Great Eva, a real MUST SEE for both Wrestling and Trib Fans… this will give you the Proof of the Great Quality that The Trib-Dolls Dream Team can achieve and will let you with your MOUTH WIDE OPEN for days!!!
I really hope to see soon some New Matches in this style and with both Models ;-)

VOTE 9/10:
Very personal consideration: I'm not a lot into Wrestling (even If loved it here) and the Masturbation action was very GREAT and Hot, but I really missed some Good Finger Fucking… The Masturbated Girl was very very WET and Excited, a deep Finger Fuck would've made her gush even more on the mat! I hope that now Finger Fucking is Here we'll see a Rematch ;-)