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Michelle | 28

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Mel | 37

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 4,5/5 (2 votes)

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Michelle vs. Mel
Michelle vs. Mel
Michelle vs. Mel
Michelle vs. Mel
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2013-01-11 01:01:52
YES, YES YES! Another Great Experimental Match featuring Two Very BURNING HOT Girls that gave birth to an Incredibly Intense, Erotic and Sexually Exciting Match to watch, rematch and rematch again and again!
Once again the True Proof of the Outstanding Trib-Dolls Quality with a match that breaks the rules to create something a little different that I really hope to see as a separated Series in the New Harder Trib Upcoming matches ;-)

The Wrestling Action starts right in the firsts seconds, after the girls oiled up themselves, and it starts HARD, Rough and Furious!
Great Holds and Positions, both girls Wants To WIN and to beat the hell out of the opponent, bringing the match to a very High Competitive Tension and also a lot of Sexual Excitement too made hotter by the oil on their Hot Bodies, to understand what I'm talking about you should look closely to the Pussy of one of the Fighters that was already SOAKING, DRIPPING WET within the firs 5 minutes… it was one of the Hottest Wet Pussy you could ever imagine ;-)
But to take the Sexual Excitement to a Very HUGE Level, other than the Great Wrestling ad Spanking Action, another element was present making this match ABSOLUTELY GREAT AND EROTIC to watch: and yes, we talking about Masturbation!
We could say that one of the Girl TOTALLY Dominated the Other one not only locking her in some Incredible and hot positions to watch (ass up Doggystyle locking her head!!!!) but with a Furious, Hard, Wet, Dirty and Very Exciting to watch Masturbation Action on her defenseless Pussy, bringing her to the verge of Explosion more than once.
Our Beautiful Victim was Masturbated so much and at such Fast and Hard levels that you'll never believe what you'll see, and adding my personal consideration I really think that she loved it… she fought hard during wrestle but was totally submissive during all that Sexual Stimulation and it was so Great to watch enjoy it and take it all on her beautiful wet dripping pussy… not forgetting the incredible positions in which she was Masturbated too, as I wrote her pussy was almost Exploding in a Total Mess, she had VERY HARD Orgasms… that will make your head and heart Explode Too, watch it to believe it ;-)

While the Wrestling was balanced in the beginning, Masturbation totally destroyed this balance (in a Good way) giving this Match that Experimental Hotness that I LOVED!
Yeah, the panties came off really quickly but the Real Dominating Masturbatrix of this Match was really patient and had an "Evil Masterplan" to submit her opponent to an Orgasm Storm that totally annihilated the victim, leaving her in a Very Hot and Sexy Mixture of Oil, Sweat and other HOT Fluids that came out very visibly from her excited pussy ;-) (SUPER HOT TO WATCH)
Our Masturbatrix gave no "Time Out" to our Masturbated Vitcim: after bringing her to a Hard and Shocking Orgasm, she started Wrestling her again, teasing with her body and putting her in some very Incredible and Hot positions that in a very short time would've been the Upcoming Orgasm squirming Position after a relentless, mercy-less and Harder "Light-Speed" Masturbation.
It was Hot to watch both: on the Top the Strategist and Down on the mat with her lust the Happy Vitcim!
Special Praise to the Very INCREDIBLE and HOT Positions our Beautiful Victim was Masturbated in: the ones where her Beautiful Oiled Ass and Legs where up in the air, with the Masturbatrix Hands crossing her ass to reach her pussy and maker Her EVEN WETTER ;-)

Very Balanced between the fighters in the Beginning and Less later due to the Hard Sexual Attack, but this made the match EVEN HOTTER!
Both girls had in mind only One Word: VICTORY! They really gave both themselves some pretty Hard Holds and Time to react. I loved how one of the Girls reacted to every move her opponent used against her to Dominate, this cold planning and fast thinking made her look even Hotter and Sexier (and hey… she already is A LOT!)
Th Wrestling part was really Competitive and gave me some incredible moments looking at both Girls, not the mention the GREAT Ass Slapping that occurred… really exciting to see such a beautiful ass being so Red after a good and Exciting Spank… that excited the victim a lot too!!!
Really, while The Dominator (or Masturbatrix as I love calling her :-P) planned a very smart strategy adapting herself in Great way to every move, the "Victim" Really Enjoyed all that Domination Action too other than the Hard Sexual Stimulation.
I'll never repeat it enough: BUY The Video and see for yourself all that WETNESS!!!
In one Word: SMART!

Mel: a Real Veteran of Both Beauty, Elegance and Trib Fighting! And Michelle: a Beautiful, Gorgeous Woman with one of of the Sexiest Legs, Ass and Body while oiled and squirming full of great Surprises!
They both loved this match, but for different SUPER HOT reasons that took the Temperature to a Volcanic Level ;-)
Beautiful, Smart, Sexy and Elegant Mel, every time I find your name in a Match I know immediately that it will be a Super Hot Match thanks to your great ability to adapt in a match and surprise everyone with a Super Move that will paralyze your opponent with just a look into your Gorgeous Eyes.
Please don't be angry with me, but sometimes in some matches (this one included) you really frightened me! While looking at you I was thinking: now she'll totally dominate and will have no mercy till will get what she wants from her opponent… may it be Victory, may it be Satisfaction or may it be ORGASMS.
Mel really surprised me, I already know that she is a wonderful and smart girl that, no matter how hard is the match she is into, she will never surrender and will always find a way to win or give a very hard time to her opponent!
You really Dominated (and Masturbated!), I loved you in this match and I REALLY can't wait to see you VERY SOON in a Finger Fucking Match… and yes hoping also as the Masturbated Victim, you really are sexy so don't be angry with me :-P
Michelle until now I saw you only in two matches and you made me wish they were at least 8 more to watch! You are really beautiful to watch both as the Very Strong and Determined Wrestler you are, but also as the Sexually Exciting Girl that you are and in how much you enjoy being Masturbated… really I could watch you for an entire day!
I'll say again that this is a personal Impression but: Michelle really enjoys being Masturbated and Sexually Excited by her opponent in Both Wrestling and Sexual Part! In this match her pussy was dripping already in first five minutes only thanks to the wrestling and got Really Soaked, Dripping Wet after all that Incredible Masturbation her pussy was subjected to… Orgasm after Orgasm she was almost on the verge of a True WET Explosion Right there, which I hope to see very soon in a Finger Fucking Match ;-)
Her Beautiful ass and Legs were really really HOT and Exciting to see in such positions during wrestling and masturbation.
Yeah Please Girls: do a Rematch with Finger Fucking, please!!!!

A Hot Match, a VERY Hot Match that Once again brings a New Kind of Sexfight Genre (we should think about a name for this ;-)), involving Great Oil Wrestling and Great Masturbation action that lead to Very Wet and Exciting Results!

VOTE 10/10
Even If I always personally miss some good Finger Fucking during these matches (I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE FIRST ONE!), this one was Superb! Let me conclude with and Advice and a Request: BUY IT! and MORE! ;-)