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Michelle | 28

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Sonia | 32

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 3/5 (3 votes)

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Michelle vs. Sonia
Michelle vs. Sonia
Michelle vs. Sonia
Michelle vs. Sonia
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2013-01-10 07:34:30
A Very Intense, Deep, Erotic and Exciting Experiment that only Trib-Dolls could think of and realize it at the HIGHEST Quality Level all Over the World!
Why I say Experiment and not simply Oil Wrestling Match? Because this match goes further bringing some intriguing and very erotic sexual elements that I hope will become another New Type of Series we'll see again soon with the upcoming additions!
But to say it Straight: this Experiment gave Birth to a VERY VERY HOT MATCH that could Start another Wonderful Series.

It everything starts as a Normal Wrestling Match: the girls oils themselves and then go down to Fight themselves.
The beginning has some quite amazing holds and wrestling moves that I loved, both girls were determined into the fight but honestly one of them was almost all the time on the Submissive side… and it was SUPER HOT!
But hold yourself tight because this Great Wrestling Action is followed by the Real Heart and Exciting part of the match: MASTURBATION!
YES, YOU ARE NOT DREAMING! One of the Girl (easy to guess who) was Masturbated Hard, Deep and Intense almost from the beginning till the very end.
So there was no real competition we could say, but that wasn't needed in my opinion ;-)
The Masturbation Action was relentless, not giving even a pause to the Victim, bringing both girls in Incredible Positions that you would never even Imagine in your dirtiest fantasy!
The Oil made everything look HOTTER and the squirms of the Masturbated Victim were Incredibly Exciting to watch as the "Masturbatrix" was VERY Hot to plan, find and try new ways to stimulate, masturbate and drive crazy her Victim in a Orgasmic Storm.
I really loved every second of this match.

I loved every stroke the victim took, every squirm and every moan she did while being subjected to one of the Hardest and Teasing Masturbation you could ever imagine!
She reached some very intense and erotic positions, from wide open legs while a hand was doing all the work between her legs to an incredible closed legs Doggystyle that was even HOTTER!!!!
The victim also did her best to break free in some moments but, honestly, SHE WAS LOVING IT! This is my impression: but I really think that she didn't wanted all that Masturbation Fezny to end or to rebel to her Masturbatrix… she want MORE, MORE AND MORE!
Every second the build up was exponential and powerful than before, she had so many Orgasms that I lost count and was totally out of control… she probable even lost track of time, space and forgot her name too after all those orgasms!!!
GREAT ACTION! GREAT POSITIONS! TRIB-DOLLS QUALITY… Nothing else to say than, give it a Try and you'll download all other matches like this one ;-)

It was short but intense! Both girls where determined to win a Wrestling fight at the Beginning, but she the panties came off… one of the girl (THANK YOU!!!!!) Totally submitted to Orgasmland.
In one Word: BOOM!

Beautiful, Beautiful and again Beautiful Girls!!!
Both so Erotic, Sensual, Wonderful and Intense to watch… even if their roles were totally the opposite of each other.
Dear Sonia, your eyes showed me that Dreams can come true, that the beautiful Creatures we heard from the fables and Myths really exists, and you really are one of the most Beautiful Muses I saw.
It's impossible to hide that Sonia was the Masturbatrix Dominator here and she really did it in a SUPER WAY!
She used everything to submit and drive crazy Michelle: she used her brain to find new creative way to masturbate her and make her opponent orgasm HARD, she used her beautiful oiled body to lock her opponent and raise up her excitement and she used her fingers to do the "dirty job" and take an Infinity Of Orgasms out Michelle's wet and swilled pussy!
But Sonia please don't be angry with me: next time I would love to see you in a match like this, Masturbated so hard to the point you brought Michelle and squirming in a Neverending Orgasmic Bliss. "Come On Girls! Who will accept this challenge?" ;-)
And you Michelle, you really are a wonderful and Beautiful SURPRISE! Other than being a very Beautiful, Hot and Sexy Woman I loved your GREAT Sexual Energy that gave to this match such a Special Erotic Excitement!
Looking at her other Matches I could really tell that she loves being Masturbated so hard by other girls, and let me tell you that I LOVED Looking at her being Sexually Stimulated in that way in oil.
Michelle I can't wait to see you back soon!!! (hopefully with Monique) but next time I hope to see her pussy with two Fingers Deep inside her stimulating hard her G spot! This could lead to an amazing MATCH and A FINAL SURPRISE… her Pussy was VERY Wet after all that Masturbation and with some good and deep Finger Fucking fluids would spill out of her like a river! I HOPE TO SEE IT SOON.
In two Words: DEEP PASSION!

Totally and Without Any Doubt A SUCCESSFUL EXPERIMENT!!! A Super HOT Match that featured some New Interesting elements but still missing something that could have taken it to a SUPREME LEVEL! I'm talking about Finger Fucking Masturbation: with all those incredible positions, moans, pleasure and action Finger Fucking could've been a HUGE JUMP… but since New Surprises are VERY Near, "Please TRIB DOLLS Dream Team, think of another New Match like this one and the others with Michelle, but with Finger Fucking… it will be AWESOME AND HOTTEST THAN THE HOTTEST HOT!"

VOTE 9/10
Great Action, Great Masturbation, Great Positions, Great Wrestling and WONDERFUL BEAUTIFUL GIRLS… but if next time it will include Finger Fucking it will be 11/10!!! ;-)