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Monique | 34

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Anastasia | 38

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Monique vs. Anastasia
Monique vs. Anastasia
Monique vs. Anastasia
Monique vs. Anastasia
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2024-01-14 14:17:58
Instant classic to be viewed often.

2013-04-06 15:13:49
This was definately a fingering match. I thought it was HOT. Love the oil matches, and lost count how many orgasim both girls had. Monique is sexy as hell and got to give props to my favorite tigress Anastasia.

2013-03-28 22:42:03

Hands down THE worst trib match I have seen! (and I've seen a lot). The gratuitous use of fingering was apparent in this film far more than many of the other recent ones. It became so distracting that this "match" became unwatchable.

Here is the breakdown 20% trib, 80% fingering. Tribdolls has now become "FingerDolls". I was excited to see SOME fingering way back, but now understand why previously it was not involved. It is an utter distraction and disruption for any type of sexfight!

I one point both women face the camera and finger bang themselves to the camera!?!?! Where is the fight in that? Never mind the pure lack of anything "sexfight" related.

You want to add fingering...FINE! But make it a challenge and much, MUCH less of the focus. To break a super hot and frenetic trib to insert a lame fingering session is just bad.

Worst trib match I've seen

-3 out of 10

2013-03-28 05:37:53
Where do I start? Well this is the true question with such a FANTASTIC AND INCREDIBLE MATCH Full of Very HARD and INTENSE Orgasmic Action and FULL OF TRUE and RAGING Competition between Two of the MOST INCREDIBLE and BEAUTIFUL TRIB FIGHTERS! :-O
THE TRIB DOLLS DREAM TEAM made it's GREAT MASTERPIECE with this match and let me tell you that the one wins my Special Gold Star Praise for my All Time Favorite Matches!
So let's start from here: Two Beautiful Girls, Monique and Anastasia which are Two HOT and VERY DETERIMED Sex fight Veterans that makes earth shaking in front of them every time they face an opponent, this is a true Titans Battle and Both girls wanted the same thing: VICTORY and VICTORY AGAIN!
And after one of them got it in a very Furious and raging way, what happened to the loser.. will remain in Trib Sex Fights All Time EPIC MOMENTS HISTORY FOREVER ;-)

As I said the setup and the premise are very simple: Two Beautiful girls oiling themselves and then Trib Fighting for Victory with every possible weapon and strategy!
What happened after they started fighting all naked in oil? EVERYTHING! :-O
I never saw so much Victory and domination desire in both girls eyes, but one of them was INCREDIBLY AGGRESSIVE and Determined, like a Final Championship Fight. In the beginning you really cannot say who's gonna win because both girls fights with incredible fury and use INCREDIBLE Tactics to Trap their opponent and Fuck her Hard with Super Intense and Fast Tribbing or Very Deep and Wet Finger Fucking.
This brought both girl to some incredible screaming and body shaking orgasms, making the fight more difficult for both and adding a third enemy that joined the fight against them: THEIR LUST!
At one point one of the girl was totally overpowered by all the Hard and Intense Orgasms she had and from that point it was clear that the other girl wouldn't just stand there and wait for her to recover from her orgasms.. NOPE! From that moment it was a TOTAL SEXUAL ASSAULT to the Lust Submitted girl that had to take Intense Tribbing till cumming, then immediately after Hard and Deep Finger Fucking till cumming and immediately after (with no pause! :-O) again SUPER Hard Trib Till cumming so HARD that her legs closed like a mouse trap while having her opponent's fingers still inside her :-O
GREAT SCENE and this happened more than once, featuring some AWESOME and SUPER HOT Positions that are impossible to not watch SO RUN AND BUY THIS MATCH!!!!
So this is all that happened? NOPE, what happened after is EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE!!!!
The winning Gils started to enjoy the feeling of getting more and more near Victory, so she started a VERY MEAN and HOT TEASE AND DENIAL GAME with the Other Girl, bringing her on the Very Edge of a SUPER HARD ORGASM and the STOPPING making her BEG TO CUM and FINISH HER.
Our Dominatrix played a lot with her victim, Teasing her even more and Harder until she TOTALLY SUBMITTED HER reaching her Glorious Victory and showing all her Pride and Superiority to her Opponent while she was on the mat, fully covered in oil, sweat and pussy juices still dripping out of her :-O
And you know what? It didn't ended here.. Our Dominatrix wanted to play more with her victim, doing her very Naughty and Dirty things that made her.. BUY THE MATCH TO SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES ;-)

Trib was at it's BEST! THIS IS FO RSURE :-D
Having Two very determined Trib Veterans all oiled and fighting makes every match INCREDIBLY COMPETITIVE AND HOT TO WATCH! And I really have to say that both used all their BEST Trib Skills to reach their Victory! Both Pussies were used as TRUE WEAPONS and they Trbbed so HARD that the Oil was BOILING and EVAPORATING at one point :-O
In the begging both girls showed the same strength and the same aggressive factor and both girls reached some Intense Orgasms and Some Very HOT Positions that helped them to submit their opponent for a while, but then one of the Girls had A VERY VERY INTENSE AND SUPER SUPER HARD ORGASM that made her fall at the Mercy of her opponent that never stopped after gaining this Great vantage chance ;-)
From that point on, one of the girls really dominated and was clear that she was going to get her victory, not matter the cost or the orgasm she had to resist or take to submit her opponent, but for her wasn't an day fight!
Because after that, our victim realized that she was going to lose and had to make a fast decision to take back her advantage in a killer move, so she used an INCREDIBLE TACTIC: driving Her Dominatrix SEXUALLY CRAZY and make her fight with HER OWN LUST TOO and SHE SUCCEEDED :-O
Our Dominatrix started to get more and more EXCITED ad HOT for all that was happening between her legs (not only Tribbing), making the LUST FACTOR the HIGHEST I'VE EVER SAW IN A MATCH!
But this move made our Dominatrix get MORE AND MORE ANGRY AND FURIOUS other than Excited ;-) so she counter attacked with Harder Trib and More Blocking and Restraining Positions that gave our victim really NO CHANCE TO ESCAPE FROM THE TRIBBING! And it was a TRUE Trib Submission without Mercy that ended with the victim EXPLODING IN SOME VERY VERY INTENSE AND HOT SCREAMING ORGASMS.
SUPER SPECIAL PRAISE to some of the Most Incredible HOLD AND BLOCK Trib Style moves that one of the Girl used against her opponent and the Fantastic SUPER FAST TRIB SUBMISSION that made one of the Girl Cum with her legs open in the air and screaming for MORE :-O

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Fingering, Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
GREAT, GREAT AND SUPER GREAT!!!! This match has a LOT OF VARIETY and Trib wasn't the only weapon that the Girls used to make themselves CUM HARD.. this match features THE HARDES AND WILDEST FINGER FUCKING AND MASTURBATION ACTION I'VE EVER SAW :-O Going WAAAAAAYYYYYY BEYOND WILD and Both Girls really pushed themselves over the limits of how much Orgasms a human body can take ;-)
Both Girls Masturbated VERY VERY HARD and the Fingering action also made the difference when our Victorious One took her chance to Submit her opponent!
Yes because our Masturbatrix pushed her opponent into very HARD and HOT Orgasms after some Intense Trib and then, immediately after even without letting her recover, SHOVED TWO FINGERS INSIDE HER and started to FUCK AND FUCK VERY HARD making our Victim EXPLODE in a WET CUMMING, SWEATY and SCREAMING MESS :-O and from that point on is a Merciless alternation of TRIB and FINGER FUCKING for our Sexually Exploding Victim :-O
But as I wrote our victim didn't stand there to take all the pleasure, she fought back and resisted till this was possible for her: she Finger Fucked back our Masturbatrix in some VERY HOT POSITIONS and made Her EXPLODE too in a Very HARD and INTENSE WAY.. so HARD that at one point she grabbed the other girl's hand and GUIDED IT INSIDE HER PUSSY TO MASTURBATE HER BETTER :-O
Our Winner also had some serious issues to resist to all the LUST that now was overpowering her too and in some moment she couldn't stop MASTURBATE HERSELF ALONE TOO while the over girl was on top of her. really LUST was Over every POSSIBLE Measure you could ever imagine in your life.
After all these Orgasmic EXPLOSIONS, then our Winner took back control and was EVEN MORE ANGRY getting her MERCILESS AND HARD SEXUAL REVENGE over the other girl: Fingering and Masturbating her in some VERY GREAT Positions, including an Ass Up Hold that was AMAZING and a Mutual Masturbation that was INCREDIBLE AND SUPER HOT!!!!
Also our Masturbatrix started to Play a VERY NAUGHTY TEASE AND DENIAL Game with our victim: Pushing her Finger Inside her Pussy VERY HARD till her G-Spot but NOT LETTING HER CUM :-O Our victim was so frustrated and Sexually Excited that she had to BEG FOR HER ORGASMS from that point on.
Then after all this Hard Tease and Denial Play, came the moment where our victim couldn't resist anymore to her Cumming Body Asking for MORE AND MORE ORGASMS and then after that.. our Winner Masturbatrix TOOK HER FINAL REVENGE ;-) What happened? RUN, BUY IT AND SEE IT!!!!
Fantastic Kissing and VERY HOT Breast Sucking were also present, but the Fingering was THE BEST I'VE EVER SAW ;-) MORE OF THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Anastasia and Monique ARE INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL, HOT AND STRONG!!!! Probably being the in the Most Determinated and AGGRESSIVE Fighters List and they BOTH Fought Hard and Fucked even HARDER to get an OUTSTANDING VICTORY using every possible weapon that mother nature gave them to Sexually Explode in the HARDEST Orgasmic Explosions ;-)
I won't spoil you anything as always: but I can ASSURE You that BOTH Girls had INCREDIBLE ORGASMS as I NEVER SAW, making there faces totally deformed by an OVERWHELMING and UNSTOPPABLE PLEASURE!
Then in the end one of them could resist anymore against her Lust and that made her lose the Sexfight and then.. WHATCH TO BELIEVE ;-)
This was the second time that Monique and Anastasia had a match together, and they took this SERIOUSLY! Probably this is the Start of a Very Intense and Hot Rivalry between them, now I can't wait for a Rematch ;-)
Dear Monique, what can I really say? You are MY SUPER AND MOST LOVED Trib Fighter, the MOST Beautiful and Gorgeous! A True Miracle on earth, your Beauty is PURE ART!
I never get tired to watch you and in every match you are always more and more stronger and skilled, making you one of the MOST Feared and Respected Veterans.. in this match you made 100 steps beyond and you showed that making you angry is not a smart idea ;-) Monique THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AND THANK YOUR FOR THE GREAT MATCH!
Anastasia, you were the FIRST Trib Fighter I saw and you made me LOVE Sexfights in your EPIC Match vs. Nina back then.. I'm always more and more amazed to see that you are ALWAYS MORE AND MORE BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL AND VERY VERY SEXY! (Your new tattoos are AMAZING ;-) ) and You really are one of the Veterans that stayed on the Top of the Strongest Fighters since then. I'm very happy that I saw you again with all you Fury and Powerful Trib Tactics! You are the Girl that can really win the heart of every one, and you know how to make a match HARD and VERY INTENSE for all your Opponents. THANK YOU ANASTASIA AND PLEASE COME BACK SOON ;-) You have a natural Sensuality that makes you UNIQUE IN THE WORLD!
In two Words: SENSUAL FURY!

This Match MARKS A NEW MILESTONE!!!! The Trib-Dolls Dream Team made Another TOP TRUE MASTERPIECE ;-) Really nothing to add more than: DO MORE LIKE THIS!!!!
The girls showed a Very Competitive and Very Intense Rivalry that I'm sure will grow up even STRONGER after their next Match together.. and really cannot Imagine what will happen that day :-O
Really my advice to everyone one is: RUN AND BUY THIS! ;-)

VOTE 11/10 with SPECIAL GOLD STAR Praise:
Top of the SUPER TOPS Match with a lot of Furious Competition and the HARDEST, WILDEST AND WETTEST ORGASMS I've ever saw in a Sexfight and CLIMAXING in a SURPRISE ENDING that will Leave you SPEECHLESS FOR DAYS!!!! My Word ;-)

Scoring the MAX isn't enough for this GREAT EPIC MATCH so I decided to create a Personal SUPER SPECIAL GOLD STAR PRAISE (ok not so much fantasy for the name :-P) to assign to SUPREME and EPIC matches like this one, that I'm sure will be a lot n the future ;-) You'll also find a Topic about this Special Praise Matches in the Forum if you are New to the Site and want to Read about the BEST Favorite Matches of all Veteran Members ;-)