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Monique | 34

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Luna | 38

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Monique vs. Luna
Monique vs. Luna
Monique vs. Luna
Monique vs. Luna
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2018-09-22 15:07:20
Matches like this are missing today. Intense hard and violent action, orgasms and submissions one after the other. The ladies totally exhausted trying to please each other over and over. Deep fingering and oral action, real tongue kissing. Such kind of performances are not present in the present TD videos. That is such a pity.

2013-01-11 20:58:13
The Most Intense, Erotic, Sexy, Hard, Furious and Exciting 16 minutes you'll ever see in your life… UNTIL NEXT MATCH! ;-)
The Trib-Dolls Dream Team just released a Match the is PURE Dynamite Ready to Make you Explode right in the firsts seconds… It will be impossible for you to resist and hold yourself to this Incredible Storm of Beauty, Sex, Licking, Slapping Tribbing and Masturbation!
I match that I was hoping to see VERY SOON between my absolute favorite Fighters, a Match that will show you what two Horny and Furious Gorls can do to themselves covered in oil and in a Room that I still don't understand how is still not Burning for all this GREAT HOT ACTION!

You will not have the time the say the W in WOW that the Girls are already Tribbing themselves Hard and at Light Speed!!! No easy start, no Foreplay, you are thrown immediately in the middle of a Sexual Trib Storm that will spare NO ONE ;-)
The girls are Totally into another World, already filled with a mix of Fury, Sexual Excitement and Domination Desire, probably due to the previous Wrestling match. They were Driven by their lust, totally by their lust into a fight that gave birth to some ver hot and unique moments that you will never expect, see for yourself to believe me.
They got in some incredible position, not only Tribbing but also Masturbating very Hard, Deep and Wet Oral Tonguing action, Very Brutal Ass (and not only that) Slapping, Incredible Tit Fucking, and Furious Hair Pulling with Intense Kissing Too!
You'll never be able to tell if they are excited by fury and competition or by Lust and Sexual Excitement… if you ant my opinion was for them all :-O
But honestly I don't think that you'll be able to ask this yourself, because I can bet that both your heart and brain will be burning from all this Sexual Storm… the girls are (for me) the MOST BEAUTIFUL ANS FAVORITE FIGHTERS HERE, really they did to each other almost the Impossible to make the other one cum and hey… it was a long Orgasm Series: try to say repeatedly CUM, CUM, CUM… you'll notice that for all the 16 minutes each time you'll say it you'll see an Orgasm, but not a normal one… THE MOST INTENSE and Shocking Orgasms you can ever imagine, look at how the girls faces were "deformed" by pleasure… IT WILL MAKE YOU EXPLODE as they did ;-)

Imagine a Young Soldier that just joined the army, without any kind of training, no weapons and no helmet being thrown in the middle of a very Raging and Furious War… that how you will feel since the beginning of the Action of This Match! Of course the difference is that you will not overwhelmed by fear, but with PLEASURE that will bring you beyond any possible limit you ever got so far :-O
Absolutely No Jokes: The girls wants Orgasms and Domination, and they want them Both HARD from each others but more they want to Rip them out of the Opponent's Pussy.
Tribbing Action was so Hard, Fast and Furious that their pussies where TOTALLY RED and Wet for all that Rubbing and Cumming, the Domination played a Major Role here and you can tell looking at their eyes that were sharp like deadly lasers.
I loved every Hot position they found themselves Tribbing into, but I have to admit that one of the Girl was incredibly and Visibly Excited making some very Wet Sounds with her pussy.
Some incredible close ups showed HOT details even if sometimes of a short title, personally I love to see girl's labias wide open while Tribbing on the Others Pussy or Leg, and this is another Reason of why I loved this Match ;-)
From the end to the beginning there is no rest and no relax, but Orgasms, Orgasms and HARDER ORGASMS!
Special Praise to one of the Girls (My Love! :-P) that at some point held her opponent VERY HARD with her legs making her victim beg to stop, leaving her totally spent and then going down again on her Pussy to make it Explode again.
Great and HOT Action that You'll not believe Until you'll see it with your own eyes, and trust me: DO IT NOW ;-)
In one Word: TRIBLAZING!

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
Get ready to step in New Territory made all of Excitement, Lust, Sexual Domination, Unstoppable and Relentless Masturbation, Oral Eating Tongue Storm, Ass Slapping and Deep Kissing… this is in short what you'll see here other that Trib, but it deserves a Good Description ;-)
UNSTOPPABLE AND RELENTLESS MASTURBATION: Yes, your are not Dreaming… it Happened and if you'll buy this match you'll see both girls Masturbate Themselves to being almost to fainting, one of them was subjected to an Incredible Sexual Stimulation that she had to took while being Held with her Ass right at the Mercy of her Masturbatrix that gave her some Great HARD Orgasm that made her lose control over her body!
But don't think that it was so easy ;-) Both girls equally dominated (even if one of them was victim of her own lust too), so you can Imagine how HARD, DEEP and WITHOUT MERCY our Masturbatrix was Masturbated to some of the Greatest Lust and Pleasure Explosions you'll here see in your life, but with such a GREEAT and HARD Masturbation Action and The Two Most Beautiful Fighters some Good and Deep Finger Fucking was Really Missing!!!
Here the Teasing was really too much, also because the girl's fingers were almost inside each other's Pussy… PLEASE ANOTHER OIL FINGER FUCKING REMATCH WITH LUNA AND MONIQUE! PLEASE! :-) It's all I can ask, and knowing of the Great Upcoming Updates I'm SURE that The Trib-Dolls Dream Team will left us Speechless for Centuries!
Oral was pretty HOT, INTENSE and INCREDIBLE TOO! With some Incredible 69 Positions that will drive you totally cRaZy the girls really Tongued their Pussies to Orgasmbliss, one of them being a Total Victim to Her "Oral" Lust taking so many Orgasms the her pussy was dripping of hot juices!
Also another Great Doggy Pussy Licking Position that you really MUST SEE ;-)
Last but not least comes The Domintaion with some of the BEST and HARDEST Spanking you can Imagine!!! As I wrote Both Girls Dominated for most of the match, but one of them was more Submissive and was subjected to a Very Hot, Erotic and Sexually Exciting Domination that Included some INCREDIBLE Whipping ad Mouth Gag with a "VERY LUCKY" Sock :-P
It really met bee seen you be believed… I'm pretty sure that the mat after the match was dry from the oil and full of love juices that dripped and gushed out from the girls Burning Pussies… yeah the OIL EVAPORATED!!!

The MOST BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS AND HOT FIGHTERS! Really these words could sum up everything… but as a gentleman I really want to speak of both these wonderful creatures in detail.
They were Both visibly Raging Furious and Sexually Excited, with an Incredible Desire of Domination and Orgasms… probably in their mind they were thinking only "DOMINATE HER, MAKE HER CUM, TAKE ORGASMS!" and this is exactly what they did!
The almost frightened me with their eyes, they really weren't anymore able to control themselves in the hot action and you can tell also by the fact that the Camera Guy was hit by their feet… REALLY HOT TO IMAGINE SUCH A SEXUAL EXCITEMENT!
They Tribbed, Masturbated, Licked and Slapped to the Impossible, I'm pretty sure that after such a match they'll sleep for an entire week to recover fully.
Ok for who already read my Reviews Knows that Monique is my Love between all the Trib Fighters :-P
Monique you are the Proof that Dreams can shape themselves into reality, you are the essence and definition of True and Infinite Beauty! When I see that you are in a match, I automatically buy it without even looking at the previews and pics :-)
From the beginning to end Monique was getting Hotter and Hotter to the almost Impossible, she really gave her opponents some very very hard time with some critical moments that will make you start burning in front of the screen! I Loved looking at her also being Hard Tribbed, Masturbated Even Harder and in a Domination Sexual War that left me with High Fever! Monique… I can't wait, I REALLY CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU BACK In a Super Hard Oil Finger Fucking Match and look at you Tribbed, Masturbated and Finger Fucked to another of your SUPER HOT Orgasms Storms! I HOPE SOON!
Now Luna's turn: Luna I'm sure that wherever you are the Sun and all The Other Start follows you :-) You are very Beautiful, your eyes are very expressive and intense and you have the most charming and beautiful smile I've ever saw, other than a BURNING HOT BODY!!!
Luna has the ability to transform the Matches she is in to an ever Harder and Lustful Trib War, she really Loves to Both Dominate and Cum without stopping… sometimes her lust overpowers her but it's absolutely amazing to see! She counter-attacked and reacted incredibly to ever move by Monique and gave Her too some Very hard time and Harder Orgasms… but honestly I love when Luna is Masturbated and Tribbed without Mercy, cumming from the beginning to the end of the match… and here HAPPENED!!!
Luna Thanks, THANKS, THANKS! I hope to see you soon in Hard rib Finger Fucking Match Soon too, you are really the one I want to see most Finger Fucked to Oblivion Here :-P

Honestly this match left me so Speechless that I'll hardly find the words to describe you what I saw and how I liked, it's a MUST BUY! MUST BUY AND SEE!!!
But All this Great and Hard Action was Really, Really, Really Missing TOO MUCH Some Deep, Hard and Mercy-less Finger Fucking… please Trib-Dolls Dream Team: THINK OF NEW REMATCH OF MONIQUE AND LUNA SOON, FULLY NAKED, IN OIL AND FINGER FUCKED! It Will be EPIC! ;-)

VOTE 9/10:
The Two missing Points (my Max is 11/10) is due to the lack of Finger Fucking… I Really missed it here, but I'm sure that Upcoming Matches will SURPRISE ME raising the max to 500/10 ;-)

2013-01-11 02:54:34
This was a Hot video. Have not seen Luna v Pamela or Pamela v Monique but this one I am sure is on par with those. Great vid and agree with other comments I like the inclusion of oral in these videos. Let the girls enjoy each other if they feel it.