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Pamela | 29

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Anastasia | 38

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 4,8/5 (6 votes)

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Pamela vs. Anastasia
Pamela vs. Anastasia
Pamela vs. Anastasia
Pamela vs. Anastasia
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2013-07-25 18:26:39
Love this video wish it had been longer, this pairing is just brilliant both of the ladies have great chemistry together. I especially like the bit starting at 3.10 where Anastasia is manages to pin Pamela and starts fingering her.

2013-03-03 18:28:23
Great video, have not seen pt.1 from FD but that will be on my list. Anastasia vs Pamela has been one of my favorite matchups since their oil catfight a few years ago. A great match with some good moments agree with YarrTy that having one of them finish themselves off right before they were about to come was great scene and kind of cruel to the victim as they exclaimed "don't stop"! Good video.

2013-02-28 03:44:40
I'm amazed on how the Trib-Dolls Dream Team is capable of making ALWAYS GREATER AND MUCH MORE HOTTER VIDEOS Every Week! This time they crossed once again the Top reaching VERY Higher levels that no one will be ever able to cross in centuries.
This is another HARD and HOT Match that takes No Prisoners and that MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED ;-)
Incredibly Hot Stars this time are Pamela and after a long absence Anastasia! Both went Hard on each other and gave birth to a very Intense and Hot Match!
BUY, DOWNLOAD and Get ready to give your heart a SHOCK!!!!

Something bad happened: one of the girls fucked the other one's boyfriend! This is what you hear from a confession during a Hot Massage Session in the backstage, making one of the girls VERY VERY Angry and Furious about this. But the then our masseuse has an idea: call the other girl and make her a surprise making the two encounter and solve all their problems i the best way: WITH A HOT FIGHT!
So when the moneys is right the masseuse switches her place with the other betrayed girl and runs away before the Storms Begins :-O and it doesn't take very very much before a HARD AND GOOD SLAP wakes up our relaxed victim that was enjoying her good massage right from the hands of her opponent! :-O A MOMENT THAT I LOVED and that you can see with the Incredibly Hot and Fantastic Wrestling Match that followed on FIGHTING-DOLLS.. really RUN AND BUY IT!
After a Very Hard and HOT naked Wrestling Match then the girls starts to feel Sexually Excited and Horny, with a great and HOT desire to FUCK and Trib Submit the other one at their will, so the Sexfight begins like a TRUE TORNADO making everything that is in between BURN and EXPLODE.
What happened during this match goes Beyond ANY POSSIBLE IMAGINATION AND DIRTY FANTASY.. the Girls went Wild and Out of Control cumming Hard from every possible Sexual Stimulation they did on themselves, I have to admit that the action was for the most balanced between the two but there are TWO INCREDIBLE SUBMISSION MOMENTS THAT I'LL NEVER FORGET :-O

What could happen with two Trib Veterans like Anastasia and Pamela? EVERYTHING! And that's what happened since they both Tribbed and Fucked very hard to gain a very Hard and HOT Submission over the other one.
The Trib was without Mercy, not stopping even after some VERY VERY HARD ORGASMS having both girls Scream in pleasure in some INCREDIBLY Hot Positions that really MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED :-O
Fury was the starting emotion but it was very soon overwhelmed by a VERY HOT and STRONG Sexual Excitement and Lust that made both girl go mad, but having one of them TOTALLY LOSE CONTROL Under the other one's legs while Rubbing hard and deep their Wet Pussies.
And I'm not talking about Trib only.. but the HARDEST and FASTEST Trib Action that Two SUPER HOT Veterans can make together, almost starting a blaze rubbing their pussies so fast :-O
You will never believe how RED and SWOLLEN were those pussies while dripping in juices after all that action ;-)
Trib also played a MAJOR ROLE AS A DOMINATION AND CONTROL Weapon in many Creative ways: included a very HOT Teasing and "Finish Yourself" moment that.. I'll tell you later ;-)
SUPER SPECIAL PRAISE to the GREAT Resistance that one of the girls tried to do during a very Intend Trib Submission and Fantastic LEG BLOCKING Positions that will give you the cache to admire all their BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT LEGS AND ASSES.
You'll never be able to follow all the GREAT Action that those SUPER HOT and Sweaty Girls had.. RUN AND BUY THIS GREAT MATCH TO BELIEVE!
In one Word: TRIBNADO!

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Fingering, Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
In their TOTAL AND WILD UNCONTROLLABLE SEXUAL EXCITEMENT the Girls did everything to get Hard Orgasms within the lapse of seconds!
Trib brought both girl's Excitement to VERY VERY High Levels arriving at one point where both of them couldn't control anymore the desire of Hard Orgasms, needing to cum fast and HARDER each time.. but since there was still a lot of Fury for what happened Before both girls wanted to Submit first their opponents and then get their orgasms as a HOT REWARD ;-)
The FINGER FUCKING and the MASTURBATION were SUPREME! Being the K.O. Weapons that made Two of the HOTTEST SUBMISSIONS I EVER SAW HERE and this happened to both girls: one of them was trapped, Masturbated and Finger Fucked VERY VERY HARD till she was Moaning and Screaming without having NO MORE CONTROL OVER HER BODY, with her Pussy filled with fingers playing with her G-Spot and going in and out while rubbing her clit too with the palm! All this SUPREME and HARD Fucking ended in a WET AND FANTASTIC SQUIRMING ORGASM while being at THE TOTAL MERCY OF HER MASTURBATRIX :-O
Second FANTASTIC SUBMISSION happened right on the Masturbatrix that found herself Blocked and Defenseless with her pussy exposed and STILL HORNY FROM A HARD TRIB without Cumming to a very Hard Facesitting Position where she was ORDERED TO FINISH HERSELF WITH HER OWN HAND!!
I watched and rewatched this match at lead 4 times and I still feel speechless after those scenes :-O SUPER HOT!!
SPECIAL PRAISE goes also to the Fantastic Oral Sex that drove both girls Crazy!!! And also to the Incredible Slapping and Facesitting action that was Incredibly Hard HOT too see ;-)

Anastasia and Pamela made the earth tremble and shake in terror! They were both furious and excited, ready to beat, fight, trib, fuck and cum HARD with all their Unique and Gorgeous Passion and Beauty ;-)
They really had no limit during this match and the rage was leading from the beginning to evolve in the Strongest and Hottest Sexual Excitement that two girls can have together.
ANASTASIA FINALLY! I was waiting to see BEAUTIFUL AND HOT ANASTASIA AGAIN!!!! She is (with the Wonderful Nina) my VERY VERY First Trib Fighter so as everyone says "You never Forget your First Trib Fighter" ;-)
Dear Anastasia it was a long time since I wrote about you here, watching at your Beautiful, Gorgeous and Intriguing Smile during a Hard and Hot Match and I'm so happy that you are always one of THE TOP FIGHTERS and MOST SENSUAL GIRLS ready to Dominate and make your Opponents Scream, Moan and Beg for more.. till they Beg you to STOP FUCKING THEM ;-)
It was Incredibly hot to watch you in this match, but now it's time for you to step again on the mat covered in oil for a Harder Match! What could happen? I'm sure that you'll confirm your Powerful skills in oil again!
Pamela.. oh Pamela I'm so happy that this week I saw you in TWO SUPER HOT MATCHES ;-) BEAUTIFUL, HOT, SEXY AND WONDERFUL Pamela is the Woman that make every match reach VERY HIGH Hotness levels with just a few moves of her Incredible Hot Body!
Pamela really gave the best as Anastasia and also proved that her Skills are getting better and better making her a MORE DETERMINED AND LETHAL VETERAN ;-) But she also loves to enjoy her body during Hard Trib Matches, not opposing to her own Lust and even using it as a weapon against her opponents, something that only Pamela is capable of!
Pamela please come back very very soon ;-)
In two Words: LUSTFUL FURY!

STANDING OVATION TO THE TRIB-DOLLS DREAM TEAM for this GREAT MATCH!!! Fantastic and Beautiful Fighters in a ver VEY HOT Match with a FANTASTIC BEGINNING, I really Loved the Massage theme and I hope to see more "confession" by the girls to the lucky masseuse ;-) and next time IN OIL TOO :-O

VOTE 11/10:
Really SUPER HAPPY with this GREAT MATCH, I hope that we'll see some Hot Tribhappy Ending Massages in Oil too and also I hope that Wonderful Anastasia will come Back VERY VER SOON! Maybe also in a Oil Rematch with Beautiful Pamela.