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Pamela | 29

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Monique | 34

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Pamela vs. Monique
Pamela vs. Monique
Pamela vs. Monique
Pamela vs. Monique
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Pamela vs. Monique Comments | 2

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2013-01-09 03:04:06
HOT HOT HOT! Really when you find yourself in front of something so great, beautiful and exciting to see and you feel so speechless that only one whispered words comes out of your mouth, this is how this match will make you feel!
SUPER HOT, The Best Match ever saw here till today (with the following one with Luna)

They take no prisoner! This match is pure Sexual Energy and Competitive Rivalry all on the mat.
For the weaken hearts (and even the strongest): be ready because this match will drive your excitement so high that you'll find yourself in another galaxy after watching it.
The girls really did it hard, dirty (in the god way), erotic and sexually deep with great positions, incredible strategy by both of the girls and so many hard orgasms that I really lost the count!
In one Word: BURNING!

Being (for me) the best Video here it features a non stop hard Trib, VERY HARD TRIB action by both of the girls, they really wanted to fuck the other one hard and without mercy to make her cum repeatedly on the mat! A lot of excitement in every stroke and fury really trying to drive the opponent sexually crazy!
The Best Trib action so far here, with some incredible hot positions that oil made even hotter.
In one Word: TRIBGASMIC!

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Kissing, Oral etc.):
If like to see two beautiful women with great bodies covered in oil Masturbate themselves to oblivion, Kiss so deep and furious to take the breath away from the other, Lick their pussies until one of them explodes and Slap themselves to make their asses Hot Red… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go And Buy this match! ;-)
They really went down hard on each other: I loved the Masturbation here, it was so hard, so hard that the girls faces were almost near the impossible expression of pure lust and pleasure! They really made themselves explode masturbating their pussies, I love the action here but in match like this I really really missed Finger Fucking and it was also near too! One of the girls was right there on the edge, I really hoped to see her finger fucked! Let's hope for a rematch now that Finger Fucking is here, I'm pretty sure that they will flood the mat with their juices and fight in a messy mixture of oil and cum (very exciting only by thinking about it)
For the Oral was quite intense too: almost near deep pussy eating, they were really determined to make the other explode in a orgasm storm!
And for the slapping… well one the asses got pretty red and hot to see (cheek it to believe me!)
In one Word: MASTURBAWESOME! (but with such passion really missing Finger Fucking)

Here I have to apologize with Pamela: she is one of my absolute favorite Trib Fighters since the very beginning and one of the girls that could make me buy a match only because she is in it, really she is wonderful, beautiful and sexy!
But I have to admit that I'm in love with Monique (I hope that she will read this :-P), I really think that Monique is one of the most beautiful, wonderful and gorgeous creatures I've ever saw in my life on this little world.
Her eyes being my absolute weak point, looking at her eyes could make me sty there and lose the track of the for ages, also her smile is pure art and could transform any men/women to a poet, painter or sculptor just looking at her and about her body… well that's how perfection and beauty looks like, no need to say more!
Ok (cooling down :-P) and coming back to the match both girls were furious and really really competitive, a lot of Sexual Fury between them and they realized it all Tribbing, Masturbating, Kissing and Licking, really not even a drop was left.
I loved looking at both Tribbing so hard in oil and being Masturbated so hard, especially Monique that I would love too see very soon in a Finger Fucking match, I'm sure that all her wonderful sexual energy will explode and fill all the room causing orgasms even at distance!
Also Pamela is another super hot Trib Fighter I would love to see in a Finger Fucking match.
Beatiful, erotic, very sexy and sensual girls.

Simple, buy this match and you will be happy forever! This will mark your highest standard not only for a Trib/Sex fight but also of the meaning of passion ;-)

VOTE 10/10
If Finger Fucking was present in match like this, the I would give 11/10 or even 1100/10, I really hope to see a Finger Fucking Reamtch in oil with both girls.

PS for Pamela:
Please don't be angry with me! You are a true and wonderful beauty and I didn't wanted to put you on a lower scale, for me every women has her unique way to be beautiful, wonderful, sensual and erotic and you really are in the true meaning of all words!
But Monique went straight to my heart and soul since the first time I saw her, I can't do anything about it :-)

2013-01-08 03:09:20
Great Fight, one of the best so far.

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