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Stefanie | 30

Height: 5'7" (171 cm)
Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)
Wrestling, Erotic, Trib

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Anastasia | 38

Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Stefanie vs. Anastasia
Stefanie vs. Anastasia
Stefanie vs. Anastasia
Stefanie vs. Anastasia
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2013-01-13 07:11:39
This Match will probably make a Huge and Sexy Fantasy of yours come True right in front of your eyes and in a Very Wild Way!!!
What am I talking about? I'm talking about what could happen if you put in a room 2 Super Hot Girls playing cards almost naked where one is a Beautiful, Wonderful and Strong Expert Trib Fighter and the Other is a Wonderful Innocent looking girl that even NEVER KISSED A GIRL! :-O
You can let your fantasy Run Wild Here and you'll never get even near to what these Two Hot Beauties did to themselves Together, making the Walls Tremble and starting a Blaze right on the Floor and on the Bed… THIS MATCH IS THE PROOF THAT HERE ON TRIB-DOLLS DREAMS CAN COME TRUE! ;-)
Very Wet, Orgasmic, Blond Dreams!

So in a normal day like all the others The Beautiful and Intriguing Anastasia with the Beautiful and Hot Stefanie are together in a Room, wearing only some very Hot lingerie and playing cards together… everything looks pretty quiet right? Well don't be fooled because it's just the beginning of an Incredible "Orgasmquake"!
And you immediately understand that things gonna get wild soon because one of the girls asks the other if she ever kissed a girl, then the other one with a very Innocent Beautiful Smile answers NO NEVER! You can literally see the eyes of our Expert Tribber starts to shine with Sexual Excitement in a smile that says it all, probably all her body was heating up by really Wild Ideas of what she could've done to her friend to let her try how does it feel to kiss a girl for the first time… but no, it didn't stopped there!
Our Expert Tribber totally lost control over her own Lust, probably having her pussy already very wet due to all those ideas and then had and idea: she decided to challenge our Innocent Girl with a card game where the winner will do everything she wants to the loser… EVERYTHING! And how the Innocent Girl reacted to this? She said YES with a more open smile, and a wet pussy too ;-)
Guess what happened next? If you are thinking that Our Trib Expert Won the game and then Grabbed the Innocent One right on the bed to Trib, Lick, Kiss, Masturbate Her so Hard to make her almost flood all that Room with her love juices… than YES, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!
But this doesn't really mean that one girl totally dominated the other one, our Trib Expert was totally out of control due to her lust and had almost (and probably even more) the same HOT HARD Orgasm that she gave to her Innocent Opponent ;-)
All the action during the match is equally powered between the girls, both were So HORNY AND SEXUALLY EXCITED that they Fucked EVERYWHERE OVER THE ROOM, from the Floor to the Walls! Even on the Ceiling if they could :-P
Even more HOTTER the Incredible Masturbation Action, The Burning Hot positions (the Wall Standing One being the best for me), the Deep Kissing and the very Hard Hairpulling… with our Trib Expert being the most excited and out of control.
Superb Action in this Match with so Many Hard Orgasms that the girls had to take some pauses to recover a little, but even in the end they were ready to Start it from the Beginning again!!!

Our Innocent girl learned fast from her own Lust and Sexual Desire of Hard Orgasm and gave our Trib Expert some very HOT and WET Explosion that are easily audible while the Girls Pussies Tribs together, very Wet Sounds that will make you start BURNING ;-)
Both girls are both Dominant and Dominated, here the real Dominatrix is Lust! Lust was controlling both girls, but one more than the other bringing her to lose control and Orgasm a little more than her opponent, but in a match like this I think that is wrong to talk about competition because there was No Actual rage, only VERY HOT Lust Driven Trib Sex that both girls enjoyed very deep and a lot!
After the first two minutes there was no more innocence in the "Never Kissed a Girl" Girl :-P she got in one second the Full Trib Sexfight Package probably teaching something more even to her more Expert Friend that was already on the road for her First Huge Orgasm.
What I loved about this match was it's Wildness beyond any limit! The girls used every wall, every part of the floor, every inch of the bed and even had sex over a chest of drawers :-O
I have to give my Special Trib Praise to our Expert Girl, not because she was the Expert Tribber, but for her very Hard, Wet and Explosive Orgasms that she wanted more than pleasuring her Friend… she was totally concentrated on her own pleasure and loved every time her friend took a little bit of control over her in some very hot and particular moments that I'll write about later!
I loved every Trib stroke of this Match and I personally think that is one of THE VERY BEST IDEA that Trib-Dolls Published… of course our Innocent Girl ins't Innocent anymore :-P so now a Rematch could be Interesting to see what she learned ;-)

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
During all the Sexual Excitement and Fury the Girls did to themselves everything that was possible to imagine to Cum Hard and Harder ALL OVER THE ROOM!
Being my TOTAL FAVORITE: Oral Action and Masturbation!
Oral Action had some very Incredible Moments where both Girls lost any communication with "Houston" and got Lost in their Lust :P
Fantastic Positions like One girl standing and the other on her knees licking and eating pussy deep while her own pussy was totally wet and dripping o the floor, both girls did this bit the BEST part happened when our Trib Expert mounted over a chest of drawers, opened her legs and pussy wide and then grabbed her opponents head and made her lick and eat between her legs giving her an Incredible EXPLOSIVE Wet Orgasm. This is still one of the Best Oral Positions I've ever saw Here!
Masturbation was SUPER HOT and INTENSE TOO! With some great standing positions where a girl shoved her hands between the other legs while keeping on tribbing, to another Great Inverse back-to-pussy position where Our Trib Expert was Masturbated into.
I always miss some Good Finger Fucking, but this match is probably the one that made me miss it less, probably due to the fact that the Trib Acton was already very intense and that Oral was even Harder too… but still thinking that some good Finger Fucking could've been a plus ;-)
Also the Hair Pulling action here was very Hard and Full of Sexual Desire, This Match IS A TOTAL EXPLOSION Of Sexual Desire!

Really Two Beautiful Girls that had a Total Opposite kind of Charming Beauty: A Very Hot Lustful and Expert vs A Very Innocent and Hot Dripping.
PERFECT PAIRING! This is another reason of why I loved this Match since the Beginning, both girls were Full of Sexual Energy and Desire to unleash and even in the end they were ready to start and Fuck all Over the Room for another two hours probably ;-)
Fantastic Passion and Great Chemistry between them!
Anastasia you are very special to me :-) because you are one of my Very First Trib Fighter (with Nina)… it's beautiful to see again your Gorgeous Eyes, Intriguing Smile, Fantastic Blond Hairs and SUPER HOT Body again in a Great Trib Fight! Anastasia really enjoyed every second and every stroke she got and gave and you can really tell looking at her in the end totally wet and breathing fast to recover from al the Super Hard Orgasms she had… I really hope to see Her Very soon again, hopefully in oil and more hopefully Finger Fucked!
Stefanie this is the first time I see you and I loved how you Tribbed and Enjoyed this Match ;-) you are very beautiful and you have a nice happy smile that I loved side the very beginning and a very Beautiful Strong Body that was a pleasure to see squirming for all the Orgasms you had… also for you: I hope to see you back soon to see all the new techniques that you learned in the meantime ;-)
The combination of Anastasia and Stefanie was AWESOME!

This Match is GREAT!!! Really GREAT and Exciting to see :-) Watching a Girl that was never kissed by another girl being Tribbed, Masturbated, Licked and Orgasmed on every inch of a Room is something that will make you and your house Explode in Scream Of Pleasure that will say: THANK YOU TRIB-DOLLS!
And that's what I say now to close my Review: THANK YOU TRIB-DOLLS DREAM TEAM! ;-)

VOTE 9/10
If I loved so much this Match why 9 and not 10 or 11? For two simple and personal reasons: Missing Finger Fucking and the clothes!
I loved how the girls started everything and how The Sexual Excitement Grew up during all the video, but I prefer matches where the Girls take off all their clothes Immediately and Tribs Fully Naked… I think that is the Best way to enjoy their Hot Bodies while they Trib Themselves to Orgasms, is possible to see them in every detail, muscle and inch of skin, plus you can really enjoy all their wetness all over them :-)
Here clothes came of a little slower and only one of the girls was totally naked, while the other kept her stockings only not giving me the pleasure to admire and see as I love her beautiful legs in all their Hotness.
This is a very Personal consideration so don't take it for a problem with the match, simply I enjoy Trib fights a lot more when the Girls are Fully Naked