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Zamira | 37

Height: 5'6" (168 cm)
Weight: 117 lbs (53 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Chrissie | 33

Height: 5'5" (164 cm)
Weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Nude, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 4,3/5 (4 votes)

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Zamira vs. Chrissie
Zamira vs. Chrissie
Zamira vs. Chrissie
Zamira vs. Chrissie
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2013-11-23 19:56:39
the short preview scene looks more like a masturbation video. buyed anyway because of Yarrtyf67 awesome review. thanks.

2013-03-14 02:35:11
Simply WOW :-O I had to watch and rematch this match more than once to really believe that all the action taking place in front of my eyes was real! AND YES IT WAS ;-)
FANTASTIC and GREAT ACTION Hard Trib Match between two of the MOST BEAUTIFUL AND INTRIGUING New Fighters: Chrissie with her Sexy Charming Superpowers and Zamira with her Incredible Hard and Strong Trib Attacks that made her become one of the most feared fighters of all time!
What happened in the end? Did Chrissie's superpowers granted her a sure victory or Zamira incredible Trib Strength and Evolution had the Winning round? YOU MUST BUY THE MATCH AND WATCH TO DISCOVER THIS ;-)
But let me tell you one thing: IT WAS A SUPER HOT AND STEAMY MATCH!

Again here we learn a valuable lesson: NEVER MAKE A GIRL ANGRY! IF THEY ARE TWO YOU'LL BETTER RUN AD SCREAM FOR HELP!!! Because their fury will give birth to most violent and Sexually Exciting TRIBNADO you'll ever see :-O EXACTLY what happened here and all started for a simple request and a simple wrong decision.
So one f the girls just got hurt from the previous match and he back needs a soft and sensual massage, the other girls offers her help to her so she undresses and reaches her friend fully naked in oil to massage her and help her to relax. Unfortunately (but luckily for us :-P) she starts to get a little bit too excited and starts to feel the urge to kiss the beautiful girls that is lying between he legs fully naked and in oil, but when she tries to kiss her then the other girl gets FURIOUS and this starts a very Hard and Raging Wrestling Match in oil. (that you can find on A MUST SEE!)
So after this very hard and extreme Wrestling fight, the winner wants just one thing: EXCUSES from the loser of the wrestling match.
Of course the loser will never apologize and this will start a VERY HARD and SEXUALLY Intense SUPER HARD Trib Fight with some of the BEST Moments and Positions I've ever saw in the latest matches :-O
This match featured a very INTENSE RIVALRY like it was a PERSONAL THING between the girls, that needed to be solved like this and with a TOTALLY SUBMITTED, RIBBED and MASTURBATED LOSER screaming and begging her opponents to stop!
It's hard to describe this match just with words, this really MUST BEE SEEN! ;-) Two very strong and HOTTEST Fighters in a NO LIMITS Trib Fight that ended in the HARDEST way and with an INCREDIBLE surprise, you'l never believe who won this match and how! Yeah because the winner had the VERY SMART Idea to study her opponent's moves and weeks point in a very fast lapes of time and then she went STRAIGHT THERE between her legs and never stopped to make her Cum HRD AND HARDER :-O But it wasn't so easy as you could imagine.
SIMPLY FANTASTIC action that ended in a Pure Orgasmic Storm that you'll never forget ;-)

Going down VERY VERY HARD on each other, both girls features two of the most EXCITING AND HOT Trib Techique I've ever saw EVER :-O (Together with Monique, Luna and Jenny)
Trib was INCREDIBLY fast and sensual but also very deep and mean, with some very hot position that made one of the girls SCREAM in TOTAL PLEASURE being a defenseless victim of her own Lust, and this scene probably gets the HIGHEST Special Praise in my personal rating system among all matches ;-)
And the INCREDIBLE Hot fact is that this happened multiple times! And to both girls :-O
As I said this match featured a very personal rivalry but a lot of Sexual Excitement and Hot Passion was also present and all this culminated in aLUST EXPLOSION that in the middle of the match gave the chance to one of the girls to take her opportunity and DOMINATE the other one Sexually during all the match, submitting her HARD AND HARDER and making her EXPLODE on the mat so many times that her pussy was MORE RED THAN RED ITSELF! Yeah the loser ended on the mat, totally spent and with a Red, Swollen and Dripping Wet still cumming pussy all covered in hot juices ;-)
Though if for the Dominatrix the golden chance to dominate the opponent didn't acme directly from Trib, I have to admit that our Dominatrix din't had a very easy time to get her victory and more than couple of times she was Tribbed and submitted t VERY VERY Hard Orgasms that almost made her lose control all over herself. The Winner got her victory thanks to a very fast and lucky moment the she had the great ability to master and Fuck Hard her victim till the last minutes of the match.
VERY VERY HARD and HOT ACTION that will keep you with your Breath and Heart Running until the end :-O You'll never be sure of who is the winner until the very last minutes, even in the moment when she will be in a clear advantage you'll always have the doubt that her VERY DETERMINED and AGGRESSIVE opponent could SUBMIT HER HARD and gig Her Back all the ORGASMS she had to submit to!
In one Word: TRIBSTORM!

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Fingering, Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
FINGERS, FINGERS AND MORE FINGERS! The Main and MOST Lethal Weapons of this match were FINGERS :-O
The Trib had the Main Role, having the girls Pussy push and Rb hard onto each other but both girls are VERY STRONG Fighter and a Help was needed to PUSH the opponent OVER THE POINt OF NO RETURN! Exactly what happened during ll the match. Both girls had clear how strong each other are, and Trib wouldn't be enough to gain a TOTAL SUBMISSION Victory, so they both aimed for a Killer Move to lock there opponent and give her Pussy a FINGER FUCKING STORM SHOCK Experience to make her lose control ;-)
SUPER SUPER SPECIAL PRAISE to all the GREAT Positions the girls Masturbated themselves to reach this Great Victory Submission, this didn't happened immediately but the orgasms to get right to that point were always HARD and HARDER and WETTER.
Both girls tried to resist to the Sexual Attack taking place between their legs and both girls had some very hard time to hold and control themselves to not submit also to their own lust.. but after a lot of Hot Orgasmic attempts one of the girls got her GOLDEN CHANCE and blocked her victim giving her a VERY VERY HARD and DEEP G-SPOT FINGER FUCK that sent our victim TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL taking a trip in ORGASMLAND and not cumming back anymore ;-)
Yeah you read it well! At one point one of the girls couldn't resist anymore to all the Sexual Excitement she was feeling HARD AND DEEP in her pussy and TOTALLY LOST CONROL starting to CUM CUM AND CUM being a total victim of her own Lust and begging her opponent to keep fucking her wit her eyes until she as begging her to stop in the end :-O
But as I said our Masturbatrix didn't had a very easy time even after driving her opponent crazy in a Storm of Pure Lust: she four herself in some serious trouble, victim of the INCREDIBLE Lust that our Victim couldn't control anymore and she was Masturbated even HARDER getting some SHOCKING and EARTHSHAKING ORGASMS!
One again let me tell you that tis match will leave you with you Breath Running and your Heart o the Verge of a FAST RUN!
Simply one advice: MUST BUY THIS MATCH ;-)

Zamira and Chrissie.. WOW! Really WOW would be the PERFECT Expression to defineTwo of the Most Beautiful and Hot Trib Fighters :-O
This is their first Match together and was an INCREDIBLY HOT one featuring since the very beginning a Very Personal and Furious Rivalry that gave birth to an Uncontrollable Lust submission for one of them ;-)
But really you'll have to watch to discover who totally lost control over herself, having her pussy aching for HARDER ORGASMS ;-)
Dear Princess Zamira.. Ok I have to admit: I LOVE YOU! You are Incredibly BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS, INTRIGUING AND SUPER HOT!!!! All the beautiful words in these world will never be able to describe your incredible Beauty and your Fantastic Shining Eyes ;-)
What I love about Zamira is also this incredibly hot Dark Side that she unleashed in her latest matches, making her one of the HARDEST, MEANEST and STRONGEST TERROR TRIB FIGHTER since the EPIC Total Submission victories by Denise.
Zamira I have only one request for you: MORE MORE MORE! I would love to see her with very strong veterans like Monique, Luna and Pamela and see what could happen and who she'll make Squirt on the mat ;-)
Chrissie every time I look at you I realize that every beautiful thing into this world can be seen in your sweet and beautiful eyes and smile! WONDERFUL, BeAUTIFUL and SUPER CHARMING Chrissie is one the Fighters with the MOST BEAUTIFUL pair of Legs among all the other fighters.
But Chrissie's TRUE and AMAZING ability, other than her FANTASTIC Trib and Fighting skills, is her Charming Superpower! Chrissie has this magic ability to charm every opponent she fights with and make them fall in love with her through her Beautiful Smile, Eyes and Her super HOT Body.. assuring her one of the STRONGEST ability and weapon among all the fighters, making her a very Hard to Beat fighter even for more stronger veterans.
Chrissie I could watch you everyday and never get tired of your charming smile, you are the TRUE Essence of Natural Charming Beauty.. I hope to see you again soon an a lot of more HARD Matches ;-)

Really can't say more than: SUPERB!
A Great Match that once again is THE PROOF of the unbeatable TOP QUALITY that only THE TRIB-DOLLS DREAM TEAM IS CAPABLE OF ;-) Two SUPER STRONG and HOT Fighter that Tribbed and Masturbated until their bodies couldn't take more pleasure, ending with a totally spent and dripping wet loser squirming in pleasure.. that will never predict until the very end!

VOTE 10/10:
Only one personal note: the winner had a very glorious victory over her victim, that was still VERY VERY Excited.. I missed a little final masturbation by the winner on the loser to show her what does it mean to make the wrong girl get angry.
But this was a personal fantasy: THIS MATCH IS PURE GOLD! ;-)