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Luna | 38

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Pamela | 29

Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Luna vs. Pamela
Luna vs. Pamela
Luna vs. Pamela
Luna vs. Pamela
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2024-01-14 14:19:29
Nice to go back in time and find a pure gem. Wow!

2013-01-11 00:16:38
This was very intense! Awesome. It took the fight to a new level. I hope to see more fights of this format. Glad to see more and more 69 oral sex! This is the right way to go. Then tune up the fingering...

2013-01-10 05:05:33
INSANELY HOT sexfight! Easily the best and most effective use of oral I've seen in a trib match! Not just put in for token sake, but an actual weapon BOTH women used very hot and effectively! So much variety in oral also....69, side control, forced, missionary...amazing! Nice back and forth action which is quickly raising the bar for all sexfights!

Super pleased and amazing by these women! Bring on more please!

2013-01-09 20:41:43
OMG… I had to take three cold showers after watching this match, then my desire to watch it again came back stronger than before and I had to take other three cold showers but the desire came back again and then I decided to surrender :-P
Your mind cannot even imagine what happened here, the fury, the passion and the Orgasms… so many HUGE Orgasms.

The girls did everything to themselves, I mean Everything that was possible and even Impossible to Dominate each other and send themselves into another orgasmic dimension. My impression is that they were both into another world with their minds, probably there was no more mat, room or even light… they were in another place only with their lust and flooded with great passion and competition desire!
They wanted really to submit the opponent and they ended in some INCREDIBLE Positions you couldn't even imagine in the dirtiest dream. The objective here was simple: DOMINATE AND MAKE HER CUM WITHOUT MERCY! I'm sure that both couldn't stop thinking about these words.
This match will make you a SUPER HUGE Trib-Fan (in the very rare and hard case you are not still) and if (like me) you already are a SUPER Trib-Dolls fan then get your heart ready, leave the shower with cold water running, breathe and take small pauses… you'll thank me! This match goes straight to your heart and deeper Hard Trib Fury Dreams!

I really cannot find the right words to describe what I just saw other than: BURNING HOT HOTTER THAN THE HOTTEST HOT!
You could run the entire world with the energy that Luna and Pamela released Tribbing during this match:, Scientist THINK About This: Trib Powered Energy ;-)
To picture you the right situation of what you'll see I can tell you this: from the middle to the end of the match you'll notice that the oil started to evaporate! I'm not joking, GO BUY THIS INCREDIBLE MATCH and see it for yourself, you'll see that girls at the end are sweaty but more dry from the oil.
Great Domination Trib scenes, one of the girl was really sent to Orgasmland at one point, but the moment "suddenly" (a flash!!!) after she took control, being her the Dom and sending her opponent for a while to subspace.
You can realize how intense this was also looking at the girl pussies that were deep red and swollen after all that action, I never saw such a furious, passionate, competitive and sexually intense Trib Match.

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc.)
69, 69, 69 and I could go on like this for all the review :-P
This match features the most intense 69 oral action I've ever saw in my life all over the web: the girls really did it Hard, Deep and Dirty with some HARD Pussy Eating too!
I have to say that one of the girls (you'll never guess who so Buy and See it for yourself ;-)) was really a lot into this intense and deep oral action! She was so into it that in two incredible moments, that you'll love forever, she totally forgot about the competition and stuffed her pussy on her opponent's mouth to take two of the hardest oral orgasms she probably ever had in a Trib Match, her face was almost like "The Scream" of Munch while cumming.
Masturbation was waaaayy teasing here, but same as before: they masturbated themselves hard (with some orgasms too), deep and with a fury from one of the girl that I've never saw before in her eyes, she masturbated her opponent so hard that she had to recover for a little while after an incredible orgasm, but she couldn't since her opponent went down on her immediately again to dominate her!
Why I said teasing before? Because I really missed some Deep Two Finger Fucking in this match, really the Masturbation the action was incredible and intense and in one moment I found myself 2mm from the screen hoping to see one of the girls insert her fingers deep into the other's pussy and maker her cum without mercy right there and leave her in her cum.
But honestly this teasing here is not a bad element, it will take you at an Incredible level of excitement that you'll never believe you were able to feel such an incredible intense pleasure whatching two girls Masturbate themselves.
Kissing was also present and was more furious than soft, with some incredible Togue to Tongue part that will make your head explode like in a cartoon! One of the girl was really excited by using her mouth al over her opponent… she really enjoyed that.

Two of the most Beautiful, Wonderful, Passionate and Loved Trib-Fighters for me!
This match was about Total Domination so the girls were in a total competition state with their eyes full of Trib Fury to sexually dominate her opponent… it was like if they were charged with Nuclear Energy ready to unleash it trough their fury and lust.
But one of the girl had to fight also again her own lust and it was so exciting to watch!!! She was into the fight, ready and being the dom for a good part of the match, but her pussy was whispering some dirty words to her mind making her fantasize a little too much on her opponents Wonderful and Gorgeous Body… and she submitted to both! It was one of the most erotic scenes I've ever watched, her lust was really a second enemy (another thing that made me wish for a goo Finger Fucking Scene!).
Both Dominated and Both Submited, but one more that the other and in her short Domination Time she took the hardest, wildest and wettest orgasm she could from her opponent leaving her spent in sweat in the end, but you know what was even more sexier and erotic? When the real Dom of this match regained control she totally entered in the NO MERCY AND NON PRISONERS MODE, fucking out from her opponent some wild and hard orgasms (sorry for the verb but is too exciting only by thinking it).
Let me say something in detail too starting with Pamela:
Pamela to apologize with you after speaking not so much of you in my previous review, I'll start telling that you really are one of the most beautiful and intriguing Women I've ever saw, your eyes speaks for themselves and your smile is so beautiful that looks like a dream and goes straight to the heart. Pamela was really a lot into this match, she released all the incredible beauty, sexual energy and fury I've ever saw in her before: it was so hot to see her Masturbated so hard, being licked, Tribbed and giving Oral, masturbation, trib and her legendary Tit Fucking that I love, I hope to see soon what she could do in a Finger Penetration Masturbation Match (hoping also to see her Finger Fucked an Masturbated hard… it was so exciting!)
About Luna I have to admit that she is another of my weak points over all Trib Girls: Luna you are the sexiest and most energy powerful woman I've ever saw here, like all Scorpio is better to not make her angry ;-)
Her Beautiful and AGAIN BEAUTIFUL BODY can be a Lethal Weapon for both her opponents or her, she really enjoys these hard fights and loves it at the deepest level and you can tell this by looking at all the fury and energy she has in every match. But I have a personal fantasy about Luna: I love to se her getting dominated by other Trib Fighters, I love to see her masturbated hard like in this match, I love to see her pussy eaten like the match and I love to see her Tribbed to Orgasm Oblivion like in this match… but I love also when you are the one that does all this to her opponent! I Really, Really HOPE and WISH to see her VERY SOON Finger Fucked Hard in a Hard Trib Finger Fucking Match (hopefully with Monique or Chrissie)

WOW I really wrote a lot about this match, I was really eating for it hoping to see the first Finger Fucking scene here but even if that hash't happened (until next week ;-) ) I LOVED this match! It's absolutely the best one all over the site. The best Denars ever used here!

VOTE 10/10
As I wrote for another match, if Finger Fucking was present here with Luna and Pamela then I would give 11/10 or 1100/10… but this will happen soon, very soon and I can't wait!

2013-01-09 01:25:47
Can't wait to buy this movie, looks pretty competitive. And I see the new category... ;-)