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Luna | 38

Height: 5'8" (172 cm)
Weight: 137 lbs (62 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Sandra | 38

Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Catfight, Wrestling, Topless, Nude, Trib, Erotic, Mixed

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Rating: 4,3/5 (4 votes)

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Luna vs. Sandra
Luna vs. Sandra
Luna vs. Sandra
Luna vs. Sandra
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2013-01-11 05:50:06
Please More, Please More, PLEASE MORE MATCHES LIKE THIS ONE!!! :-D
Being the Absolute Hardest Trib Domination Match I've ever saw, I really can't say anything else than: MORE PLAESE!
WOW The Trib Dolls Dream Team just demonstrated once again that there are NO LIMITS and that even the Sky can be surpassed, This match will drive you crazy from min 00:00 till the end with no time to relax from the Hard, Intense and Mercy-less lustful Action. What I saw here was way beyond everything that you could define as Hot, Erotic and Sexually Exciting!
You will never watch any other website than Trib-Dolls (and Fighting Dolls) in your life, you'll love this so much that Like me you'll find yourself asking and begging: PLAESE MORE! PLEASE MORE! PLEASE MORE! ;-)

They are Hot, They are Oiling and they are Ready to EXPLODE In front of You with no Limits! This is the first impression you have in the first seconds of this match, you can really see all the Rage in the girls eyes… YES RAGE! And it's of the scary type that would make any Superhero or Supervillain Runaway at Light Speed.
It really doesn't take very long until the Girls Panties fly off, but let's say it in the right way: one of the girl RIPS off the other one's panties in such a furious way that your breath will stop thinking of what could happen to that pussy!
And you know what, it doesn't take so long to discover it and be ready because this leads to one of the hottest scenes you'll ever find all over the web in my opinion… but let me tease you a little more before telling you what happened :-P
Let's talk about the DOMINATION: Yeah the Word is totally the best one, In this match one of the girl totally submitted the other, giving her NO CHANCE to react or counter-tribattack. Our Dominatrix used her victim as a Plaesure Toy, a Trib Doll if you prefer ;-)
Trib Action was Deep, Exciting and totally SUPER HOT to watch with some Incredible close ups with sue great Wet Sounds that will make you go crazy, not to forget the incredible slapping, intense Oral Action and Fantastic HARD Masturbation.
The victim was totally defenseless and after the First Very Hard Orgasms caused by all the Ultra Fast Intense Trib, Spanking, Position and Deep Masturbation she went totally out of control and couldn't stop cumming for almost all the match thanks to the Very Intense Sexual Stimulation… Believe me, it was HOT to see… and you will not believe to your eyes so you'll find yourself watching it more and more!
In one Temperature: 1000000000 K!

"So what about that Super hot Scene you were talking Before?" you are asking for sure :-P
Ehehe sorry to tease you a little bit more, but before let me talk about The HARDEST TRIB DOMINATION a Girl's Pussy was ever been subjected too, making her Explode in some of the Hardest Orgasm she probably ever had in her life!
We are talking about the Darkest and Deepest Essence of the word Domination here: our Tribdominatrix took control right immediately and used all her Body to Sexually Tease and Excite her lucky victim to the point she couldn't even react with a simple finger.
Great Incredible Trib Positions with Hot Close ups that showed Incredible details and Hot Wet Pussies Sounds, also from the Dom! Yeah she was LOVING IT ALL AND DEEP, taking all those Orgasms from her Victim and also Trib Herself to some Incredible earthshaking Orgasms on the Victim body.
It was Hard, Intense and Without Mercy… but Incredibly HOT to see that I still don't understand how the whole studio didn't Explode after all those Orgasms.
About the Positions: you would never be able to Imagine in what the victim found herself into, heaving lost the total control over her body due to the Hard Orgasms she was literally used and Tribbed as a Doll… a Totally Defenseless Doll that was still cumming, cumming and cumming NO STOP even after the Trib Stopped.
I loved the Furious and Excited eyes of the Dominatrix… she really was Excited and Loving all that Control she had over her victim, probably her pussy was on the verge of explosion too only by thinking about the situation and hey… she surrendered to her Hot Lust too taking some Great Orgasms Plaesure from her Vicitm too ;-)

OTHER THAN TRIB ACTION (Masturbation, Oral, Kissing etc):
So after a ULTRA Hard rib Domination Action like the one I wrote about you could think that it took a good 90% of the Time in The Match… NO! I was only the Half, ONLY THE HALF OF IT! And so what could've been happened for the rest 50%?
Simple: Masturbation, Hard Masturbation, Harder Masturbation, Deep Oral and Hard Slapping all with some Great Dirty Talks to make it more than complete and Super HOT!
Oh WOW Really the Hardest Masturbation Storm I've ever saw on a Fighter here: Our Masturbatrix uses her fingers to take her victim really outside of this world, taking totally out her victim's control over her body (both physically and sexually) and making her cum so much that her pussy was like a Wet Juices Volcano erupting Orgasms after Orgasms leaving her in a very Erotic and Hot Total Squirming Mess.
And what about that Scene? Ok The Wait Is OVER! Now I can Tell you about that HOTTEST SCENE I was talking before ;-)
So let's jump back to the beginning of the match: the girls oils themselves, they start fighting and the panties of our Masturbated Victim gets almost Ripped off… and then what NEXT?!?
Hold yourself Tight: Our Masturbatrix wanted TOTAL CONTROL HERE! She really wanted to show her Victim who was in charge and choose the Hardest Way to show her.
She dragged her victim over the Hot Oil and then took a long orange scarf to TIE HER ARMS and Lock on her while Spanking her Beautiful Ass HARD… then while having all the Total Control Over our Wonderful Victim she placed Her HOT Hand Between our victim's Legs, right on her Pussy and pushing hard, then started to Masturbate Her without Mercy having her arm slide through her ass that was bouncing a stroke after another.
Really my words will never be able to tell you how Hot this scene was, so please GO AND BUY THIS MATCH TO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!
And the Incredible thing is that the Action didn't ended here: Our Victim was Tied, Controlled and Masturbated hard and Harder for a Very Good While and this relentless Masturbation was the reason she couldn't react anymore to fight her Masturbatrix! She was really totally submitted to Her Lust and Totally Under Her Hands Control… even during the Hard Trib Action she was Masturbated even Harder driving her totally crazy in Orgasmland during the Wettest Season ;-)
Great, Hot, Supreme, Erotic and Sexually Exciting Action that made me really REALLY beg for some Finger Fucking To happen and I'll explain you why: during The HOTTEST Masturbation Scene and during some Others Hard Positions our victim was Masturbated into, the Masturbatrix Fingers where right on her victim's clit and were visibly pushing hard on her pussy having some Fingers slide through the Outers Labias… the Fingers where just a nano-mm from getting deep inside that beautiful, hot and juicy pussy which was so Open and Ready to receive some Great Penetration Masturbation that was just soooooooo TEASING to watch those great fingers never slide in.
I really hope that in a Possible Rematch between Luna and Sandra this will Happen (or in another Domination Oil Match).
With all this Great Non Stopping Orgasmic Action you'll find: Great ass slapping scenes on the victim with some Great Dirty talks and not to forget the Incredible Oral Action that Our Masturbatrix wanted to receive from her defenseless victim mouth that was licking and tonguing fast giving her some SUPER Hot and earth Shaking Orgasms!

Two Fantastic and Beautiful Trib Fighters that were totally on the opposite side respect on the other one: a Dominator and a Submissive!
Roles in this match are Defined Right in the beginning! No struggle to see who is the more Dominant… you'll see immediately who is charge and who is there to CUM ;-)
Luna… Beautiful, Gorgeous, Wonderful, with Sweet and Charming Eyes, Smile and Face, with a Super Hot Body and The most Beautiful pair of Hot Legs you'll find here!
Yeah Beautiful Luna, you really made this match special! Just your presence made it special but everything else that has happened and that you did made it ONE OF THE BEST MATCHES I'VE EVER SAW!
I don't want to do any Spoiler, so take what follows as a personal Consideration, Fantasy and Desire: I love watching at Luna getting Tribbed Hard, Masturbated even Harder, Licked, Slapped and Orgasming without any Mercy… she really has the Most intense and Beautiful Orgasms (together with Monique) you could ever see on video ;-)
And I'm waiting to see Luna Finger Fucked Soon to Oblivion too!
And now about Sandra: Dear Sandra I really missed you a lot!!! You are absolutely Gorgeus and you have the Most Lethal and Powerful Legs Here… really if you get trapped between Sandra's Strong, Toned and Lethal Legs you can Kiss Goodbye your ass because she will never Leave You! even a Crocodile would fear Sandra's Powerful Legs ;-)
Sandra is a Very Strong, beautiful and Intriguing Woman… she could perfectly be the "Bad Bond Lady" in a 007 Movie, wearing a Black tight leather dress and frightening the hell out of 007 with just one look and with her Legs Ready to capture him… yeah it's a scene we all would love to see :-P and being a Huge 007 fan I would easily find myself cheering for the Beautiful Sandra!
Sandra gave this match an Extreme and Incredibly Sexually Exciting Look that will make EVERYONE OF YOU Explode after 5 minutes… really, take the time and be ready ;-)
Dear Sandra I really hope to see you soon in a Finger Fucking Match… maybe also to see you Finger Fucked too but please don't be angry on me for this :-P
In two Words: BOND GIRLS!

Great, Great and GREATEST MATCH you'll find here! Full of an Incredible, non stop Sexual Domination Action that caused so many orgasms in both Girls that you will never believe it was possible to achieve in such Huge Powerful and Intense Quantity ;-)
I really Hope that the Trib-Dolls Dream Team is already planning a New Match Like this or even a Rematch with Luna and Sandra, but with some Deep G-Spot Finger Fucking, because I really Really Missed in such a FANTASTIC and EXCITING Match!

VOTE 10/10
Nothing to say other than BUY IT! Personal Consideration: with Finger Fucking it could've been 500/10!!!